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Os siblings, Kenia and Eloisa, are bringing waves in the singing and modeling industry

Kenia Guadalupe Flores Osuna, known by her stage name Kenia Os, has been in the music industry since 2018, while her sister Eloisa has stepped into the modeling industry, establishing themselves as ‘the twin Os siblings.’

Before becoming a Mexican singer, Kenia Os was into modeling and YouTube lifestyle blogs, challenges, and reactions, which Eloisa is currently getting a hold of.

Eloisa has established herself as a public figure by uploading blogs on YouTube and modeling for the women’s clothing brand Shein.

During the growth, the Os siblings enjoyed success together, either Kenia reaching 3 million streams on Spotify or Eloisa gaining 1 million followers on Instagram.

The siblings’ bond is inseparable despite the success they achieve as Kenia and Eloisa take encouragement from each other.

Key Takeaways

  • Kenia Os has only one sister, Eloisa, on her siblings’ list.
  • Kenia is a rising Mexican singer, and her sister is a model and content creator.
  • The Os siblings have a 5-year age gap, and both started their careers in social media.

Milestones of Os siblings: From social media stardom to Kenia and Eloisa taking different pathways

Kenia Os is a Latin pop singer born in Mazatlan, Mexico, on July 15, 1999, who gradually stepped towards singing.

She recalls how finding her genre of music was difficult, but she loved presenting herself in front of the camera and recording videos for her social media platform.

So she soon released her first pop single, Malas Decisiones, which received over 170 million streams on Spotify. The love her single received made her resolve the puzzle about her music style.

In an interview with Billboard, Kenia says, “When ‘Malas Decisiones’ was released and exploded on social media … I realized that people liked pop, and the pop that I was doing. It’s when I realized it was the path I wanted to take.”

Before the single, Kenia did clothing review videos with her sister Eloisa on a YouTube channel named Os Team, with 1.27 million subscribers.

YouTube became a base for the Os siblings to enter the entertainment world, as Kenia always featured her sister in the videos.

Eloisa was already making her way into the modeling industry when, at 15, she signed up with the influencer marketing agency Viral Nation in 2019.

She has represented popular fashion brands like Fashion Nova and Shein, visible through her Instagram, along with her sister Kenia, who is still modeling for Shein.

Kenia Os also established herself as a businesswoman by starting her beauty line, K Os Beauty, which features matte lipstick and eyeshadow.

Eloisa, the other half of the Os siblings, is rising as a digital media creator by posting challenge videos and vlogs on YouTube.


What is the real name of Kenia Os’s sister?

Kenia Os’s sister goes by the name Eloisa, but her real name is Eloísa Yamileth Flores Osuna.

Where is Eloisa from?

Eloisa Os was born in Mazatlan, Mexico, on October 8, 2004.

Who is the mother of Kenia and Eloisa Os?

Kenia and Eloisa Os’s mother’s name is Mireya Osuna, belonging to the Hispanic ethnicity.

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