Acoustic Agape

acoustic agape

Acoustic Agape

Christian / Acoustic

Fort Lauderdale, Florida


God called me into music ministry around four years ago after a season in South Africa volunteering for a Christian ministry serving impoverished children in a large shantytown outside of Cape Town. All my music is inspired by Gods word for the purpose of glorifying our glorious Savior. Please be sure to also visit and my website at: where you can listen to my entire album in broadband or dial-up mode and check out lyrics, corresponding bible verses and more. Your prayers and support are so greatly appreciated. Please let me know what you think of the music God has placed in my heart.

Full length CD’s including all 12 songs and lyrics booklet are available for a donation of any amount (Includes FREE personalized autographed photo). Thank you so much for supporting the ministry!! May God bless you richly!!

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