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Ot7 Quanny, whose real name is Jaquan Borneo, song Dog Talk reached 5 million views on YouTube

The American rapper and singer Ot7 Quanny, whose real birth name is Jaquan Borneo, has 1,007,135 monthly listeners on Spotify, where Dog Talk is at the top.

The 2022-released song Dog Talk is also the highest-earning song on his YouTube channel, with 5,025,775 views in 2024, and is also available on Apple Music.

Ot7 Quanny is a rising rapper from Philadelphia who continuously makes raps that engage listeners.

His playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube are rising daily, making him one of the most popular rappers in recent times.

From spending years in jail to finally living a peaceful life while following his passion, Ot7 Quanny inspires many young adults. In an interview, he also revealed that he is religious and follows Allah.

Ot7 Quanny started his music career in 2022 through YouTube

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ot7 Quanny established his musical career in 2022 through YouTube, which he joined on Sep 26, 2016.

However, he started uploading music videos after 2021, and currently, he has around 14 videos on his channel with 87.6K subscribers.

He became popular in 2022 after his first single, Dior Dior, which gained over 300,000 streams on Spotify and 250k views on YouTube.

Further, his 2023 songs Run The Hood, New Money, and Ok Ok also brought him tremendous success.

Rising Philly rapper is winning many people’s hearts through his crazy performance and back-to-back hit music, as one of his fans posted a tweet saying, “What’s goin on w OT7 Quanny is so crazy im not sure it’s gonna fit in a tweet but: he has 11 songs out on DSPs spanning the past 3 yrs & just sold out gramercy theatre for his first NYC show, did an 80 minute set of mostly leaks/snippets and the crowd damn near knew every word”

Ot7 Quanny also collaborated with the famous musical artist Leaf Ward, whose real name is Khalif Ward, and created the song Power and Run The Hood.

At the age of 34, Ot7 Quanny has already established himself as a rapper in the American music industry.

He is also an internet and social media personality, with 540K followers on his Instagram handle ot7quanny.

Further, on Twitter, he has been active with the username @quannyOt7 since 2013 and has 2,072 Followers.

Through his over three years of career in the music industry, Ot7 Quanny earned a handsome amount of money as well as fame.


How old is Ot7 Quanny?

Ot7 Quanny, whose real name is Jaquan Borneo, was born on February 17, 1990, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is 34 years old as of 2024.

How much net worth does Qt7 Quanny hold?

Rapper Qt7 Quanny’s net worth has not been revealed in the media yet. However, given his popularity, he earns a handsome amount of money through albums and social media sites.

What are Ot7 Quanny’s most popular songs?

Ot7 Quanny’s most popular songs include Dog Talk, 2022, Dior Dior, 2022, New Money, 2023, and OK Ok, 2023.

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