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Otis Pavlovic began singing after the age of 15

Otis Pavlovic and his musical partner Royel Maddell's formed band Royel Otis hit the media for their cover of Sophie Ellis-Bextor's song ‘Murder On The Dancefloor.'

One of Royel Otis’s band members, Otis Pavlovic, is currently in hype for his mesmerizing voice and musical talent.

With this, the internet surge for his background, especially his age, has intensified. But, since Otis Pavlovic is a bit private about all these matters, his exact age is unknown at the moment, but based on his appearance, he seems to be in his late 20s or maybe early 30s.

While Otis Pavlovic has yet to reveal many details about his personal life, the vocalist disclosed in the media that he began singing at the age of 16.

As he said, up to the age of 15, Otis Pavlovic was entirely into sports rather than music, but after that, his focus shifted to playing guitar.

During his interview with Decorated Youth, he opened up on how music became a significant part of his life while growing up.

Otis Pavlovic said, “I grew up really close to the beach, so I spent most of my time before school and after school down there, skating and surfing, and that was most of my childhood, especially from the age of like 6-15.”

He later added, “And then I was always kind of playing music here and there. Just playing guitar and writing some songs with my close mates etc, but it was more of a hobby thing, just something to do when we were hanging out.”

Key Takeaways

  • Otis Pavlovic is the vocalist of the Sydney-based band Royel Otis.
  • He began singing after the age of 15 but as a hobby.
  • The constant trouble he caused during school led him to formal music education, which is how he became a professional musician.

Listen to Otis Pavlovic’s songs here:

Otis Pavlovic said his constant trouble at school paved the way for the music world

When Otis Pavlovic was a teenager, music was just a hobby. But as he stated, the constant trouble he used to get into during school eventually made him a singer.

In this regard, he once said, “I would get in a lot of trouble constantly at school and because I was attending a public school, it was near impossible to be expelled, so my parents and teachers tried multiple tactics to prevent placing me on suspension every month.”

Otis added, “Eventually the school assigned me to a councilor who also happened to be a music teacher. Whenever I would muck up, I got sent to the music rooms, where I occupied my mind with instruments and noise. That’s about as formal as my musical education got.”

After growing up, when he met his childhood friend Royel Maddell, something struck his mind, and the two started collaborating on music.

In 2019, they formed a poprock band named Royel Otis, which began their journey to the mainstream music business.


Where is Otis Pavlovic from?

According to reports, Otis Pavlovic is from Sydney, Australia.

Who is Otis Pavlovic’s musical partner?

Otis’s musical partner is his friend Royel Maddell.

Is Otis Pavlovic on Instagram?

No, Otis isn’t on Instagram personally, but his band Royel Otis has an Instagram account.

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