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Rapper Chinese Kitty is a single parent to her son, once tweeted, ‘I am the Baby daddy and the baby mama’

It’s pretty well-known that the Chinese-Guyanese rapper Chinese Kitty is a proud mother to a son named Austin.

While being mysterious regarding her baby daddy, Chinese Kitty has been raising her only child alone.

Some years back, she shared an Instagram story that said, “Wooh, Thank god I’m a hardworking single parent, cause Chile when I tell you I have been doing it all on my own since my son’s birth. I have been holding it down. Yes, I am the baby daddy and baby mama.”

This comes during the christmas time through which Chinese showed her support for women raising their children as a single parent. She also wrote, “But nah I say all that to say for my single mothers trust you are not non-appreciated.”

“And god is watching us do all we got for our Lil ones, Merry Christmas to everyone but especially my fine hard working ladies!!!!!!”

Later, an online portal linked her story to the Instagram user @sflyy_thegambler and referred to him as the Chinese Kitty baby daddy.

Key Takeaways

  • American rapper and social media influencer, Chinese Kitty is a mother to a son.
  • She is raising her child single-handedly without letting the world know who her baby’s daddy is.
  • Media portals considers the Instagram user @sflyy_thegambler as Chinese’s baby’s father but the rapper hasn’t authenticize it yet.
  • Chinese considers her son as her partner in crime.

Is Chinese Kitty’s baby daddy really the Instagram User @sflyy_thegambler?

Well, the Twitter page The Info Spot has mentioned the person with the username @sflyy_thegambler as Chinese Kitty baby daddy.

On December 26, 2021, sharing screenshots of several Instagram stories, it tweeted, “New York rapper Chinese Kitty and her baby daddy go back and forth after she posted “I am the baby daddy and the baby mama” via her Instagram story. He then went to his Instagram story to post his receipts.”

But since rapper Chinese Kitty never publicly verified the person mentioned as her baby’s daddy, it’s still a matter of discussion.

Meanwhile, she is raising her child as a single parent. However, she sometimes takes help from her mom. Once, while addressing the challenge of being a working mom, she said, “I have a whole child. He goes to school; he does that and this. Like, so it’s a little bit-I can’t just hop around wherever I like. I might look like it, รงause you know… I might need my mom’s help.”

Chinese Kitty once wrote that her baby is her partner in crime

As a mother, Chinese Kitty is entirely focused on her son’s well-being. She sometimes flaunts her baby on social media sites. Her latest Instagram post with her son was on May 1, 2021, in which she wrote, “Partner in crime ๐Ÿ˜˜ @ashdripp ๐Ÿ’™.”

Her son is grown up now, and lately, it seems like the 29-year-old rapper is quite conscious about her son’s privacy.

Chinese Kitty often appears to address issues like relationships and career but never opens up about her baby and his daddy.

About 11 months ago, during her appearance in the Big Facts episode, she opened up on several matters, including her current relationship status. When an interviewer asked if she had anybody in her life, she unhesitatingly said, “I’m single.”


What is Chinese Kitty famous for?

The American rapper Chinese Kitty is famous for her appearance in the TV show Love & Hip Hop Miami.

Is Chinese Kitty Guyanese?

Yes, Chinese is of Guyanese descent.

Is Chinese Kitty on Instagram?

Yes, Chinese is on Instagram with 3.8 million followers.

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