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Singer Norwood Young net worth has soared from the last estimation of $16 Million!

Norwood Young was famous as the King of Hancock Park, all thanks to his notorious home with 19 David statues. However, the singer sold it for $2.1 million, adding to his $16 million net worth, as Norwood Young did not like his house gaining more fame than him.

According to the singer, selling Youngwood Court (the name of his notorious home in LA) and moving to Bangkok was the best decision.

He says, “The thing about Bangkok is that no one knows about Youngwood Court, no one knows about my house, no one knows about shit outside of the fact that I sing and I give, and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world.”

The decision led Norwood Young to spend a peaceful journey away from people’s prying racial eyes.

He became the ambassador of Hollywood Soul Super Club, which aims to provide live soul music and delicacies from various cultures.

The entry ticket R&B singer Norwood Young charges per reservation during special occasions is around 2000 Thai Baht (approx. $55), which is still just a drop in the bucket compared to his million-dollar net worth.

Meanwhile, the exact number, ever since the 2021 evaluation of Norwood Young’s net worth being $16 million, has yet to be updated after his transition from award-winning singer to businessman.

Singer Norwood Young loves a lavish lifestyle, given his million-dollar net worth

Norwood Young has established himself as a soul singer and reality TV star who does not let struggles stand in his way of living the life of a bird.

He recalls enjoying a lavish lifestyle he imagined during his teenage years to his early 20s, but it was not as easy as now.

Norwood Young says, “So the lifestyle of the Rolls-Royces and the Bentleys and the furs and the jewelries and the big house and the blah blah blah blah blah, also came with a whole bunch of other stuff — not knowing about the authenticity of people.”

The car brands mentioned cost over $350k, so the singer did not have trouble growing up, except for the racism he faced in LA.

He said, “As a Black man in America, you constantly live in anxiety. For instance, if I’m in my car, which happened to be a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley, if I’m one of my cars and the sirens go off behind me, the anxiety goes through the roof for no reason.”

Once, he even lost $15,000 while shopping for a Halloween party as cops arrested Norwood for resembling a credit card fraudster.

His monthly expenses were around $35,000 at the time, which he did not find much of a problem. “I went from spending over $35,000 a month on staff, in car notes, and on a mortgage to maybe spending five grand a month or under and living well. I pay my band, my phone bill, and my light bill, and I’m done.”

Currently, the singer has made a name for himself in Bangkok by being the ambassador for the Hollywood Hollywood Soul Super restaurant.

The club aims to provide African-American soul food prepared by the singer, with live music sung by him and his best friend Debbie Creagh as the background singer.

Standard reservation charges start at 1000 Thai Baht (approx. $27.5) and increase during the festive season. Meanwhile, he has not compromised his living standards, even in Bangkok.

He says, “My headboard has a rhinestone crown on it. I have various fish tanks, and my dog….I still have my addiction to clothing, not as bad but I still have it. When my lease is up this damn time, I’m gonna go to a home that affords me the space that I need. My addiction is bad.”


How did Norwood Young make his money?

The singer Norwood Young had his share of the journey to achieve the net worth he has garnered. He started by singing for various UK hit songs, recording singles like What Can I Do, You’re on the One, You’re On The Money, and many more hits. He also worked in musicals and albums and ventured into business.

How old is the singer Norwood Young?

According to sources, Singer Norwood Young is 54 years old, born on August 28, 1970.

Where does Norwood Young live now?

Norwood Young currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand.

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