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Rapper Lil Skies has 3 Sister! Who are they?

Lil Skies once said that his father 'wanna see him do his own thing' as he is busy looking after his sister.

Born in Pennsylvania, the 25-year-old American rapper and singer Lil Skies grew up in a big family, including his parents, three sisters, and three brothers.

While discussing Skies’ accomplishments, his mother, Shelby Mobley, said, “He has three sisters and three brothers and is second to the oldest of them all. We all enjoy when he comes around.”

Since his mom mentioned that Lil Skies is completely family-oriented, he indeed has a close-knit relationship with all his sisters and brothers.

On June 15, 2022, Skies’ fan page tagged him in a post on his Facebook with the caption, “Lil Skies & his sister Koba ❤️.” In the picture, Skies appears kissing a little girl.

If the tagged Facebook post is considered, then Koba is one of his three sisters who appear to be leading a private life at the moment.

Key Takeaways

  • As said by his mother, Lil Skies has three sister & three brother and all of them enjoy whenever Skies went to meet them.
  • Skies once said his dad is busy taking care of his little sister. There he mentioned about his two sisters only.
  • Skies seems to be leading his life on his own at this moment.

Listen to Lil Skies’ songs here:

Lil Skies said his father is ‘taking care of his other sister’

It’s well known that Lil Skies followed in the footsteps of his father, Michael Burton Jr., a Hip-Hop artist formerly known as Dark Skies. The father also collaborated on the project Father-Son Talk.

During his exclusive talk with Billboard back in 2018, when the interviewer asked Lil Skies if he and his dad consider the project part two, he replied that his patriarch is busy caring for his little sister.

He said, “Now he’s more laid back. He just had my little sister, so he’s more on his family shit. He’s trying to do shit differently. When I was younger, he wasn’t in my life as much.”

He added, “Now, he’s in my little sister’s life every day. And my other sister, he is taking care of her. He fell back in the scenes, but I feel like that’s what he wanted. He just wanna see me do my thing.”

Though Lil Skies was first introduced to music by his father, he is now paving his path on his own; his statement says so.


What genre of rap is Lil Skies?

Lil Skies’ rap genre is Hip-Hop.

How long has Lil Skies been rapping?

Lil Skies has been rapping since 2009.

Why did Lil Skies name his album Shelby?

Naming his album after his mom’s name, ‘Shelby,’ Lil Skies probably honored his matriarch.

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