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Rapper Shanin Blake, 29, went viral with her hippie style, bestowing her an abundance: ‘I became a millionaire before 30 is insane’

Over the past years, viral influencer and singer Shanin Blake has become known on the internet for her distinctive singing style and hippie looks.

Indeed, she received more hatred than applause on social media, but on the other hand, it can’t be denied that her popularity has been rising as time passes.

On January 1, 2024, Shanin took to her Instagram to look back at 2023 and the abundance of opportunities and wealth it brought into her life. She wrote in the lengthy caption, “✨ 2023 ✨ best year of my life. I finally did every thing I ever dreamed all in one year 🥲 it started with releasing bad b*tch energy which manifested walking the runway in New York fashion week.”

She also talked about her appearance on America’s Got Talent and how her album Energy Vampires went viral, with 16 million views.

Shanin further wrote that she became a millionaire at such a young age by doing what she loved. “It’s been a dream come true. All during this, I started making the most money I’ve ever made from just doing what I love. So to be able to say I became a millionaire before 30 is insane.”

Shanin Blake stepped into mainstream music in 2018, releasing her first album, Soul Child, and within half a decade, she garnered fame and money; well, her journey is indeed terrific, so her Wiki search is not strange at all, isn’t it?

Key Takeaways

  • Shanin Blake is a singer, songwriter and rapper known for her albums Energy Vampires, and Lioness.
  • Her mother is a singer and songwriter.
  • She started her music career at 16 and soon garnered limelight for her distinctive musical style and hippie looks.
  • Shanin has a 11 years old daughter Juniper.

Having a singer-songwriter mother, Shanin Blake tried out playing guitar at 14, making her pursue a career in music

Shanin Blake grew up listening to her mother, Mama Blake, sing. Because of her mom, she started playing music early on, which led her down the musical path.

In an interview with Volumeutah, she answered the interviewer’s question about when she began playing music: “My mom was a singer-songwriter and had a guitar that I tried to play when I was 14, but I hated it at first. Then I kind of fell in love with Jack Johnson and wanted to be able to do what he does.”

Then, Shanin slowly learned to play guitar by watching YouTube videos, which instantly made her fall in love with music.

“It was the only thing that made me feel good and ended up being a source of therapy, like an outlet. I had a lot of support in the community, like at Mojos in Ogden I had a little cult following there that knew all of my songs … I feel like that’s when I found my voice and my style. That’s where the magic all started.”

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, with a poor background, Shanin is now influencing millions of audiences with her creativity and musical talent.

The musician has released over ten albums so far, and her most recent album, Energy Vampires, which she recorded in her house, has been streamed over 10 million times. Shanin’s songs are available on Spotify.

Shanin Blake is a single mother to her daughter, Juniper Rythm

While garnering fame, Shanin has never hesitated to flaunt her nurturing side as a mother on her social media handles. She was 18 when she had her daughter.

On July 11, 2023, she posted a video of her rapping with her daughter by her side and captioned it, “Showed June my new song The Journey for the first time & she loved it 😀 !! Should I drop it !? #explorepage

Well, the emerging musician is a mom to 11-year-old Juniper Rythm. Her daughter, whom she called June, was born from her relationship with her former partner. She has been raising her only child as a single mother, which she is proud of.

On January 4, 2020, she shared a heartfelt story of her daughter’s dad being jailed where she wrote, “Being a single mom has been the most empowering gift I could have ever asked for, but at the same time watching my daughters heart break over and over, because of the actions of this guy who is supposed to be her “father,” feels more like a curse.”

That’s why Shanin is already teaching her growing daughter a valuable lesson. In March, she shared a clip on Instagram and wrote, “Teaching my daughter it’s okay to fall 🫶 #explorepage.”

The single mom and musician, who is currently in a relationship with a musical artist, Layup, is unapologetic about her style and cultural appropriation.


What is Shanin Blake’s age?

Born on October 31, 1994, Shanin Blake is currently 29 years old.

Which genre is Shanin Blake?

She mainly sings the songs of the pop genre.

Who are Shanin Blake’s parents?

While her father’s name is yet to emerge, Shanon is the daughter of singer and songwriter Mama Blake.

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