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The Jungle adds Lydia Kitto as the lead vocalist for their Volcano album, as per the band’s official Wikipedia

The Jungle recently won the Group of the Year at the Brit Awards with Lydia Kitto as its member, who joined the band in 2021 for the album Volcano, as stated in the official Wikipedia of the band.

Lydia Kitto is an Essex-based singer/songwriter, mixer, and producer who caught the eye of the Jungle founder Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland while she was still with a psych band called Club Kuru.

In an interview with NME, the founder of Jungle explains his encounter with Lydia, saying, “We were friends of friends for a bit, and then [Jungle drummer] George suggested that we do a session together.”

Before collaborating with the Jungle band, Lydia played with bands without any fixed destination. She was more of a solo artist who loved doing live music.

Key Takeaways

  • Lydia Kitto is a mixer, singer/songwriter, and producer who has collaborated with many bands for live music.
  • She joined the Jungle band in 2021 after playing the single Keep Moving.
  • Lydia has a sister named Lucy Kitto, a music producer.

Musical journey of the artist Lydia Kitto, hailing from Essex, England

Lydia Kitto has garnered every experience in the music industry, from being a writer to producer, singer, and instrumentalist.

Her first musical journey started at the University of Essex, where Lydia Kitto performed on Sofar Sound Colchester on 24 March 2016 as a lead vocalist and pianist.

Before that, CROOKDLENSE featured the singer on their YouTube channel with Essex-based Grime Artist ‘CALLY’ as she was into playing guitar. The channel tagged her as one of the most promising UK talent, which became a reality.

Lydia Kitto moves forward by partnering with renowned artists like Ezra Williams, Maverick Sabre, and Shy FX before collaborating with the Jungle.

Her charisma and versatility gave any of her projects she touched an exuberance that ensured creativity and likeliness from fans. Even the Jungle founder said, “She’s an amazing singer and writer and it was an honour to work with her and we gel really well.”

After the release of Back on 74 track from Volcano album, fans started following Lydia, and her voice became noticeable to many.

Before the release, many didn’t know her as some Reddit fans said, “Does anyone know the name of the female singer from the LA show? I’ve seen Jungle 5 times now but i think this is the first time i’ve paid attention to female singer in back. Maybe it’s because some of the songs on the new album feature it more? I think she’s new but not positive. Anyway i thought she absolutely stole the show yesterday.”

Another replied, “Lydia Kitto is credited as co-writer on Volcano and some songs on Love in Stereo.” So, maybe the stage of the Jungle gave Lydia the fame she deserved.

The tracklist of the Volcano album also mentions Josh Lloyd, Thomas McFarland, and Lydia Kitto as the writers, but she does not seem to have a Wikipedia like the founder members.

Yet, her Instagram post shows that she has a sister, Lucy Kitto, who is also into the music field, as her bio mentions her as the co-founder of Rhizome Audio, a music production studio.


What is the age of Lydia Kitto?

According to online sources, Lydia Kitto is a 29-year-old singer, but her exact date of birth remains a mystery.

What is Lydia Kitto’s studio name?

Lydia Kitto usually works from the ss2 recording studio, but her adaptability makes it easy for her to work in any environment.

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