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Reyna Roberts parents, Samuel and Kenitha, key figures behind her successful musical career!

Reyna Roberts parents Samuel and Kenitha Roberts are the first and most loyal fans of the country singer.

The Stompin’ Grounds singer Reyna Roberts was born to the military parents, Samuel and Kenitha Roberts. Despite her parents’ entirely different careers, they cheered and encouraged Reyna to become a full-time singer.

Talking to Billboard, Reyna revealed that her parents made her realize she could be a full-time artist.

Moreover, the American country singer Reyna Roberts recalls singing Lady Marmalade to her parents and their friends when she was three.

So, it seems music accompanied her since she learned to walk, and her parents paved the way. That is why it is no wonder Reyna Roberts does not forget to praise her parents for what she is now.

Key Takeaways

  • Reyna Roberts was born to her parents, Samuel and Kenitha Roberts, in Alaska.
  • Her parents are US Army veterans who left their jobs to take care of their premature daughter.
  • They made sure their daughter followed her passion for singing and stuck with her through thick and thin.

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Reyna Roberts’ parents sacrificed and saved the piano, so she learned to play!

The country singer and songwriter Reyna Roberts was born on August 15, 1997, in Anchorage, Alaska, to her father, Samuel Roberts, and mother, Kenitha Roberts.

On the Instagram handle, Kenitha proudly boasts of being the mother of Reyna, a professor and Army Engineer Veteran.

She was born premature, only weighed around 2 pounds, and had severe developmental delays.

At the time, her parents were combat engineers in the US Army, and her dad had left his job to take care of her.

Meanwhile, her mother went to the University of Alaska to research ways to use music to fasten her growth. Not only did it work with her growth, but it also instilled music as her passion.

The singer says, “Music has always been a part of me. They used music to help me develop faster.”

Besides that, when Reyna Roberts was eight, her parents struggled financially and ended up homeless. But even in such difficulty, they kept the piano so Reyna could learn to play it.

The Roberts family moved often, living in Alaska, Alabama, and California. That’s how Reyna absorbed various artists and their distinct music styles.

She thanks her parents for encouraging her to pursue her passion and making her realize that she could be an artist.

Moreover, taking to her Instagram with over 400k followers, Reyna never fails to celebrate their birthdays.

Reyna Roberts also drops pictures of her spending time with her parents every now and then.

Meanwhile, Robert’s parents share and promote their daughter’s talents in their respective socials.


Where is Reyna Roberts from?

Although Reyna Roberts was born in Alaska, she was raised in Alabama and California, where the Roberts family often moved.

Who is Reyna Roberts signed to?

Reyna Roberts is signed to ReynaRed Records / EMPIRE.

Is Reyna Roberts married?

No! Reyna Roberts is not married as of 2024.

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