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Chino Hills, California

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Raised in the STEEL CITY on bang’n beatz and imagination, FURY discovered he had a way with words at an early age. Inspired by what he saw and experienced every day, he translated emotions into words:

“What ya’ll do for dollaz – I do for solace” OGOD ryk fury

After relocating to Atlanta soul searching and perfecting his craft

RYK FURY has emerged a throwback from Raps golden age with songs for every fan, delivered with a passion that’s been missing from the music for too long:

“I crash your industry bash, and pass on party favors – ya’ll artificially flavored my art’s intensity savored-inner city savior sent to save your city playa – so save yourself face and continue your paper chase!!” ryk fury

Hip- Hop Hero, The emcee’s favorite emcee. Here to save the day in this our darkest hour.

Somewhere between heaven and hell, levity and gravity at the center of it all… the sleeping giant has awakened:

“The way I intimidate foes when I’m pennin my prose – they say “he got that devil in him” like Emily Rose – got that heavy metal with him like Axel Rose – plus algorithms in my diction encrypted code – hella vision over rhythms out to grip tha globe – no froze wrist but when I spit it gets blistering cold”

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Anuja Uprety
Anuja Uprety
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