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Singer Noah Kahan said his siblings ‘used to steal his stuff and sell back to him’

Noah Kahan has three siblings; sister Sasha Kahan, & brothers Simon & Richard.

American singer and songwriter Noah Kahan has a very close-knit relationship with his siblings, and they often got into mischief while growing up.

On February 10, 2023, Noah Kahan tweeted, “My siblings used to steal my stuff and sell it back to me and I would buy it back because I refuse to pass up a good deal especially considering the 2008 economic conditions at the time.”

Whenever the Folk-Pop genre artist reflects back to his life before fame, he never forgets to mention his siblings, who have always been a significant part of it.

On the occasion of Siblings Day in 2018, Noah Kahan posted a picture of his two brothers and a sister with the caption, “Happy siblings day to my photogenic family.” Looking at the picture, it appears like the Kahan brood doesn’t have much age difference.

Key Takeaways

  • Singer Noah Kahan once tweeted saying that his siblings used to steal his stuff and sell back to him.
  • He has three siblings: older sister Sarah, older brother Richard, and younger brother Simon.
  • His sister is doctor by profession, older brother is firefighter and younger one in technical field.

Listen to Noah Kahan’s songs here:

Noah Kahan has three siblings: sister Sasha, & brothers Simon & Richard

Hurt Somebody singer Noah has two older siblings, Sasha and Richard, and a younger brother, Simon. All of them are well-settled outside the music industry.

In 2022, during his interview with Vermont Public, when Noah Kahan was asked about his family, he mentioned about his siblings. He said, “I’ve got three siblings, a younger brother, an older brother and an older sister.

“And we all kind of do what we said we would have done when we were little kids.”

Further, Noah Kahan also revealed what his siblings are into, saying, “My sister is a doctor, my older brother is a firefighter, and my little brother is currently finding a job in tech.”

Among the three, Noah’s younger brother Simon sings like him, but he didn’t pursue a career in the mainstream music business.

While talking about his song A Troubled Mind, he said, “She [his mother] posted a video of me my little brother singing the song on Facebook, and a bunch of people kind of loved it, and so they told us to release it.” That inspired Noah to record the song.


What ethnicity is Noah Kahan?

Noah Kahan is Jewish.

Who are Noah Kahan’s parents?

Noah’s parents are Lauri Berkenkamp, and Josh Kahan.

Does Noah Kahan have a gf?

Yes. As per reports, he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Brenna Nolan.

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