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Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazill


Tunes of Grey was born in 2004 when Romero Grinerdam invited César Schroeder to play guitars in his band Tundra, which initially plaed only covers of Iced Earth. With similar musical tastes and ideas, they decided to form a band inspired by two of their major influences: Sentenced and Poisonblack. In the beginning, Romero’s friend, the bassist Udayam Bassul, and Lívia Cocco were invited to play bass and keyboards. Several guitarrists passed through Tunes of Grey, all of them being chosen carefully, including Leonardo ‘Hackin’ and Ancelmo Rodrigues, both of them of the doom metal band Evictus.

The main instrumentist of the band, the bassist, backing vocalist and composer Denis Coelho brought on his music not only the heaviness and melody of the finnish bands like Charon and To Die For, but also the musical complexity and beauty of bands like Opeth. The sound reached by the vocal lines of Denis found the affinity of the vocal melodies and poetries of Romero, giving the passional and romantic characteristic of J.W. Goethe’s literature and the philosophical and fatalist tune of Herman Hesse to the desperated Tunes of Grey’ melodies.

Recently Humberto Boldt (ex-Amprizy) joined as keyboardist, Leonardo Laruccia (ex-Prophecy) was replaced by Douglas Hellmer (Darkscape) as drummer, besides of Denis Coelho being replaced temporarily by Luiz Paulo ‘Tarzan’. Tunes of Grey is actually promoting their first demo, titled Fading to Grey.

‘We’re ceasing to exist while the green fades to gray’

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