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What happened to Lil Mabu: Is he really hospitalized?

The American rapper Lil Mabu uploaded a video titled ‘Lil Mabu Hospitalized’ to his YouTube channel, and some innocent fans are falling for it and asking what happened to him.

He even shared pictures of himself getting into the ambulance on his Instagram, which has over 2 million followers. While many understood the assignment, some Lil Mabu fans are still unsure what happened.

Apparently, the 6-minute YouTube video is yet another clever strategy from the up-and-coming singer Lil Mabu. On April Fool’s Day, the singer fooled the hell out of innocent fans while promoting his latest album, Young Genius.

And trust me, the way Lil Mabu looked with foam coming out of his mouth, it is no wonder many worried about what happened to him.

Key Takeaways

  • The hospitalized video of Lil Mabu is a comedy skit to promote his upcoming album, Young Genius. So, nothing happened to the singer, Lil Mabu.
  • Many are impressed with the rapper’s hard work and dedication towards his fans.

Listen to Lil Mabu songs here:

So, nothing really happened to Lil Mabu, as it’s all clever marketing!

Although Lil Mabu appeared sick with severe seizures in the video, he is fine, and nothing happened to him.

Moreover, the video was intended to capture more attention as his highly anticipated album, Young Genius, is nearly on the horizon. Fooling everyone on April Fool’s Day for a good laugh while marketing his album is truly a genius move.

The rapper is all set to drop the album on April 4, his birthday, as he was born on April 4, 2005.

Regarding the hospitalized video, Matthew Peter Deluca, aka Lil Mabu, is promoting a signed limited edition of CDs. While signing 10,000 CDs of the album Young Genius, he outdid himself for the sake of fans, causing seizures and getting himself hospitalized.

The video is gaining a very positive response, making the rap artist’s marketing move a big success. Further, many are praising the hard work Lil Mabu is doing for his fans.

In particular, fans admire Lil Mabu’s saying, “If it aint real ink, it aint real love,” for not using machines to sign the CDs.

Besides that, fans love the video’s humor and comedy. Many are joking about the foam-like thing that looks like throw-up bits.

One fan writes, “Every time I see this guy posting a new video, I click faster than Sonic on those videos. Lil Mabu is the hardest worker!”

Though some fans honestly fell for the singer’s skit, many understood what happened to Lil Mabu right off the bat. One fan commented, “Mabu aint no way anyone falling for this April fools prank.” Another added, “Get well soon brodie.”

Regardless, the hype for Lil Mabu’s album is gaining momentum after the skit.

At the end of the video, Lil Mabu asks his fans to buy the album. Otherwise, there will be no more songs.


What city does Lil Mabu live in?

The 18-year-old American Brooklyn drill rapper Lil Mabu lives in Manhattan, New York.

What is Lil Mabu’s most famous song?

In terms of views, Mathematical Disrespect is Lil Mabu’s most famous song.

What is Lil Mabu’s Snapchat?

Lil Mabu’s Snapchat ID is @coltontherizzle, but he seems inactive there, unlike on Instagram.

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