Youngz Blvd

Youngz Blvd

Alternative / R&B; / Folk

Chicago, Illinois


This multitalented female vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, pianist and drummer, is exactly what her name encompasses. She has played the Chicago land area and its surrounding suburbs. Her unique style of Music is mixed from all the genres she’s grown and enjoyed. It’s hard to put her style into one. Her listening pleasure goes from Stevie Wonder, Papa Roach, all over the place, which is why so many from many different creeds enjoy her music. And what she has to say in her music. Born on the South Side of Chicago and into music, Melody grew up with a well known Chicago based drummer as her father and a well-known Chicago based singer as her mother. Along with her brother she was taken around town to shows that her parent’s were in. Seeing many times before how to work a crowd how to keep a crowd in good spirits, and most importantly how to entertain a crowd. Her musical weapon is the guitar along with her brother who plays the trumpet, they play the Chicago land area wining hearts left and right. Her voice and music is like no other.
The first singer she imitated as a child was Brian McKnight learning every tune she could get her hands on. Waking up early in the summer right after her mom would leave for work. Turning the stereo all the way up and singing with a broomstick in the basement. You could just tell she hungered for the stage. Following that she began to learn the guitar and take it seriously by studying bands like Prince and the Revolution, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam and Jimi Hendrix and the Gypsy’s. Finally finding her self she began writing songs and from there on out perfecting her style, Making sure that she didn’t fit into prototype music, she wanted to make sure she sounded different, she wanted to make sure her songs meant something.
Teaming up with her brother on songs gave it something different there was more to the sound something different. Rock chords with a rock type Melody but hip-hopish type flare from the trumpet to it. Making songs together out of thin air coming up with different concepts its like the two don’t stop creating. Couple of years later they began building a band and creating fuller sounds unable to put songs into a genre. They continued to create and began building a fan base. Later on accompanied by a Chicago drummer Chuck Lacy they’re complete sound started to click. Things were picking up and clicking. Doing shows and getting love from the entire crowd for shows that were not there own. The want for a new CD is greater then ever. She’s still waiting and deciding on what songs to put out. They continue to try songs on new crowds and testing the vibe in the air. To see where it takes them.
This new Artist from the very first tune will have you captured, Melodic Angel to say the very least. She currently working on getting out and playing near you…

Melody Angel-Guitar/Vocals
Malcom Banks-Electric Trumpet/Trumpet
Chuck Lacy-Drums

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