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Kanema Kingston, Sean Kingston sister, celebrates her birthday with the entire family

The social media influencer and sister of Sean Kingston, Kanema Kingston, dropped some lavish birthday pictures on Instagram with her entire family.

Kanema Kingston captioned the post, “Family tings ✨” to which the singer’s brother replied, “Family forever ♾️ ❤❤❤.” Meanwhile, her mother, Mama Kingston, responded, “Family! A we say family😍❤😍”

Besides being the sister of Sean Kingston, Kanema herself has earned a spot in Hollywood via modeling.

Also, she first appeared in the show Fame in the Family alongside her brother, Sean Kingston, and rapper Romeo Miller.

Kanema Kingston quickly grabbed the attention of many with her eye-popping proportionate body curves.

Key Takeaways

  • Kanema Kingston is the elder sister of singer Sean Kingston, and she is just two years older than him.
  • She has established her name as a model and social media influencer with a fan following of over 430K on Instagram alone.
  • Kanema Kingston has one daughter, Klassik Stori, whom Sean treats as his own.
  • She appeared in the reality TV show Fame in the Family with her brother Sean Kingston in 2013.

Sean Kingston sister, Kanema Kingston, once jailed for four months!

Kanema Kingston was born on February 24, 1988, to parents Janice Turner and Jack Ruby. So, she is two years older than the rapper Sean Kingston. Besides Kanema, Sean Kingston also has a brother, Kirk Kingston.

As per the Miami New Times, Kanema was charged for conspiracy concerning Mama Kingston’s crime in 2008. She was jailed for four months in a low-security federal prison in Tallahassee.

Although many know Kanema as Sean Kingston sister, she is also famous as a social influencer and multimedia host.

Other than the reality TV show Fame in the Family, she also starred in the short film Boss Uzi (2019).

Moreover, she went viral online for her jaw-dropping pictures on Instagram. Currently, Kanema Kingston has a huge fan following, with over 434k followers on her Instagram alone.

Many wonder how she managed to maintain her figure even after giving birth to a daughter. Kanema Kingston gave birth to her daughter, Klassik Stori, on May 8, 2021.

The siblings’ bond between Kanema and Sean Kingston is close and strong, as they are very vocal about each other.

Sean once tweeted, “So thankful to have you as my older sister Kanemaroyal you been there for me throughout everything!”

Meanwhile, Kanema calls her brother, Sean, her best friend. On Sean’s birthday, Kanema wrote, “Happy Birthday Top King. My Brother. The Musical Scientist. The Formula Genius. Thank you for being my built-in best friend. Watching you grow up over the years has been one of my great joys. I’m so privileged to be a part of your life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better brother to share my years with. You love Klassik like your own and that means the world to me thank you. I can go on forever so enjoy your special day! I hope this year brings everything you wish for and more 🤞🏾🫶🏾🙏🏾❤️ @seankingston I love you for life and after.”


What happened to Sean Kingston?

Sean Kingston got into a jet-ski accident, which almost cost the singer his life. He was in critical condition, but he bounced back after heart surgery.

Is Sean Kingston related to Bob Marley?

No! Sean Kingston is not at least biologically related to Bob Marley. However, he is the grandson of Bob Marley’s producer, Jack Ruby.

When did Sean Kingston come out?

The debut album Sean Kingston of the singer Sean Kingston came out on July 31, 2007.

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