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Rapper Baby Kia real name, Khari Jahmill Hoard: Mystery solved!

Rapper Baby Kia released his latest album, Hell Can't Save You and is preparing to go on a tour.

Rapper Baby Kia is an up-and-coming rapper from West Atlanta who kept his real name a mystery since his debut in late 2023. Well, but not for too long!

It seems the real name of the Atlanta-based rapper Baby Kia is Khari Jahmill Hoard.

Popular for his aggressive rapping style, Baby Kia has never spilled any beans about his personal life. Therefore, very limited to no information is available about the rapper online.

Regardless, some reliable news outlets, like Last FM, have now revealed the rapper’s real name.

Key Takeaways

  • It appears the real name of the rapper Baby Kia is Khari Jahmill Hoard.
  • Based in Atlanta, the rapper went viral in TikTok for his single Let’s Play a Game.
  • He recently dropped his new album, Hell Can’t Save You.

Here are the songs of Baby Kia that you might want to listen to!

Rapper Baby Kia and Baby K are not the same, given their different real name!

Almost a month prior, news with headlines, Teen Rapper Baby K pleads guilty to attempted homicide in Maryland school bus attack.

Many were unsure if it was the same rapper, Baby Kia. However, in reality, they are two different individuals.

According to reports, rapper Baby K’s real name is Kaeden Holland, while Baby Kia seems to be Khari Jahmill Hoard.

It seems the confusion arose since they both are rappers popular for their drill rap with violent lyrics. Also, both rappers have a significant mysterious persona with little to no public information.

Nevertheless, Baby Kia is not the one who was on a manhunt by the police in 2023 for attempted homicide.

Instead, the rapper is making waves in the music industry with his latest album, Hell Can’t Save You.

Furthermore, on his official Twitter account, Baby Kia announced that he would be touring and doing concerts.

From a viral TikTok sensation to releasing an entire album catalog, Baby Kia has certainly gotten bigger over time. He has also garnered over 306K followers on his Instagram account.

He is also the leader of the Crash Out Music Wave, which is basically a group of rappers who do not care about the world.

Having said that, personal information about the rapper still remains private as he does not talk about it. Nonetheless, the real name of Baby Kia has surfaced online recently, so the drill rap singer might reveal more about himself in the future.


Where is Baby Kia rapper from?

The drill rapper Baby Kia, is from West Atlanta, Georgia. He became popular after his single, Let’s Play A Game, went viral in TikTok.

What did Baby Kia do?

Instead of Baby Kia, Baby K is the one who recently pleaded guilty to attempted homicide in a Maryland school bus attack.

When did Baby Kia start rapping?

Although the rapper Baby Kia dropped his first single, P80 Toy, on April 17, 2023, he might have started rapping even before.

Was Baby Kia arrested?

No! Baby Kia was not arrested, as there is no public record of him being involved in any criminal activities as of now.

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