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After three failed marriages Bernie Taupin now lives a happy life with his wife and two children, Charley

Bernie Taupin feels proud to become the father of two intelligent and talented children, Charley and Georgey.

The Best Music Academy Award winner, Bernie Taupin, finally has a small, happy family with two children, Charley and Georgey, and a wife, Heather Lynn Hodgins.

Bernie Taupin often shares his love and appreciation for his wife and children on social media by posting sweet memories of them.

Further, Bernie Taupin also brings his wife and children to various music and awards events as their family photos are all over the internet.

Similalry, he shared a childhood picture of his oldest daughter Charley while wishing her 17 birthday through Instagram in 2022.

In the post, he wrote a long caption sharing how proud he is to have her as he stated, “Once upon a time there was a little kid who dreamed of being a cowgirl. In time she eclipsed her Dad and embraced tradition like no one I’ve ever known. She became the epitome of the American spirit, a beautiful rider, a seasoned competitor and hands on practitioner of equine embodiment. I have no words to express how proud she makes me . My cowboy days are behind me but they continue living vicariously through her. Happy 17th birthday to my incomparable Charley, how I love you so.❤️”

The 73-year-old British lyricist and visual artist Bernie Taupin married his now wife Heather Lynn Hodgins in 2004. Before that, he was previously married to three women: Maxine Feibelman (1971-1976), Toni Lynn Russo (1979-1991), and Stephanie Haymes Roven (1993-1998).

Heather Lynn Hodgins is the only woman with whom Bernie Taupin spent 20 years together and welcomed two children.

Bernie Taupin and Heather’s children, Charley and Georgey, are 18 and 16 years old consecutively as of 2024, having been born in 2006 and 2008.

Key Takeaways

  • Bernie Taupin shares two daughters, Charley and Georgey, with his now-wife, Heather Lynn Hodgins.
  • Taupin often shares posts appreciating his wife and children as they are the most important people of his life.
  • Taupin is delighted as his daughter Georgey won the 2024 Spirit of Fiesta.

Find some of Bernie Taupin’s famous musical art here

Bernie Taupin shares happiness as his youngest daughter, Georgey, became the 2024 Spirit of Fiesta

Album He Who Rides the Tiger writer Bernie Taupin is over the moon as his youngest daughter, Georgey Devon Taupin, became the 2024 Spirit of Fiesta for this year’s Santa Barbara Old Spanish Days.

On 8 April 2024, Bernie Taupin shared his overwhelming happiness with his fans through an Instagram post in which he excitedly wrote, “I am rarely unable to articulate, but tonight I am at a loss for words. SHE WON, SHE WON! My amazing, extraordinarily talented Georgey became the 2024 Spirit of Fiesta for this year’s Santa Barbara Old Spanish Days. This is an unbelievable honor earned by a young woman who has given everything of herself to be the very best on every level.”

He further adds, while claiming she made him prouder than anyone, as he stated, “Poise, grace, articulation, beauty and kindness personified she has made me realize that all my recent awards and honors are minuscule in comparison to this incredible achievement. She has made me prouder than anyone could ever imagine because, within our community, this honor is something that is pure in spirit and deep in tradition. I’m the proudest dad alive tonight and still can’t believe it happened.”

Further celebrating his daughter’s victory, he added another Instagram post sharing pictures of his daughter from the event and thanked all the teams, family members, friends, and the photographer for supporting Georgey.

George seems to have an interest in dance and music, so there is a chance she might follow in her father’s footsteps by choosing a music career. She recently turned 16 and is already making her father proud by achieving massive success.


How much net worth does Bernie Taupin hold?

As per celebrity net worth, Bernie Taupin holds around $200 million in 2024, which he amassed through his career as a singer, songwriter, poet, and lyricist.

What is the age of Bernie Taupin’s wife?

Bernie Taupin’s wife, Heather Lynn Hodgins, is assumed to be in her late thirties or early forties, as her exact date of birth is unavailable.

What is the relationship of Bernie Taupin and Elton John?

Bernie Taupin claims Elton John is his soul brother. They met in 1967 when Taupin was 17 and John was 20; they have been close friends ever since.

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