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Bio of 2024 NCAA National Anthem singer Kahara Hodges: Who is the vocalist?

Kahara Hodges had her first National Anthem debut while she sang for ASU women basketball game in 2013.

Kahara Hodges’ recent performance at the NCAA Men’s Tournament made everyone praise her as the best national anthem singer in a long time.

Kahara Hodges is a Navajo vocalist hailing from a mixed heritage. She calls herself an Afro-American indigenous specializing in Mexican, English, and Dine languages.

On April 08, 2024, she had the chance to perform The Star Spangled Banner among over 74K fans at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Fans watching the TBS broadcast did not hesitate to praise the vocals as they tweeted, captioning, “Kahara Hodges, That was an astonishing performance of the national anthem.”

Others tweeted, “Thank you for posting. Beautiful rendition of the #NationalAnthem by @KaharaHodges!! Incredible clarity and tone to her voice!!”

Meanwhile, some seemed unaware of Kahara Hodges’ identity, as they wrote, “Never heard of Kahara Hodges but she is insanely gorgeous and she did an absolute amazing job singing the National Anthem!!!”

Key Takeaways

  • Kahara Hodges is a model, actress, singer, and teacher from Arizona.
  • She is the partner of actor Martin Sensmeier, who have been together since 2016 and share two children.
  • Kahara Hodges is an American singer who recently sang the National Anthem in the NCAA Tournament.

Kahara Hodges unveils her talent, which ranges from modeling to singing and acting

The American singer Kahara Hodges, born on September 29, 1995, is from Phoenix, while her family is originally from Ganado, Arizona.

She is the daughter of her proud mother, Petra Reyes, but her father’s details remain a secret. She also has a sister, Zoey Hodges, aka Zo, a model like Kahara, who started modeling while she was still a student.

Kahara first debuted as a model in the Santa Fe Fashion Show in 2016. Around 2017, she signed up with NEXT Models, with whom she continues to work today.

At the time of her modeling debut, Kahara was still a student at Arizona State University. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in American Indian/Native Studies in 2019.

Meanwhile, Kahara Hodges has been dating her partner, Martin Sensmeier, since 2016. Currently, they share two children, both sons.

Martin Sensmeier is a famous American actor who had his wife Kahara gain a name in the acting industry as she appeared beside her husband in the Frybread Face and Me episode.

Her other acting credits include appearances in Rutherford Falls and One World Ft. Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas.

She also became an Assistant Teacher in a Navajo Singing class at the Phoenix Indian Center from 2016 to 2018.

Kahara Hodges is a resonating name in the singing arena, too. She is mainly famous for her national anthem vocals on platforms like Footprint Center before the Phoenix Suns game, and she recently sang at the NCAA Tournament.


Does Kahara Hodges have a Wikipedia?

Kahara Hodges is yet to be featured on Wikipedia, but her brief details can be found on Martin Sensmeier’s Wikipedia page.

When did Kahara Hodges have the children?

Kahara Hodges gave birth to her children in 2020 and 2022, but their names remain unknown.

Is Kahara Hodges married to Martin Sensmeier?

Although Kahara Hodges and Martin Sensmeier have been together since 2016, details on whether they tied the knot are not public as they have not revealed their wedding photos or date.

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