Cindy Nelson

Cindy Nelson

Rock / Alternative / Indie

Cameron Park, California

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Cindy Nelson is an extraordinary talented singer/Songwriter with an addition talent to be able to write songs on demand. When given a task to write on a particular subject matter she can compose a tasteful song in a short amount of time that is strong structurally and commercially.
Some examples of this are::

Three days after 911 she was asked to write a song about the crisis. Cindy wrote “We’re Not Falling From Grace” which was featured in New York City & Paris at their memorial concerts the next year. Dozens of professional businesses played it in their place of business, and several families in California were sent a copy of the song to play that year at Thanksgiving. Another example of this is in a two week period of time she wrote “Running with Scissors” for the soon to be released motion picture. P.J Bloom the movies music supervisor was impressed with her capability to simply read the book, take 15 pages of notes, and nail the lyrics perfectly.

After recording her first CD she garnered a distribution contract with Tower Records. This same CD caught the attention of a Nashville Music producer Neal James (REM, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, Bruce Springfield, etc.). After Mr. James heard Cindy’s voice, writing and arranging talents, he arranged to produce her next CD “Hello” in Nashville. This master quality CD featured the following professional musicians; Bob Babbitt (Motown, Elton John, American Idol, etc.), Byrd Burton (Amazing Rhythm Aces etc.), Craig Krampf (Melissa Etheridge, Rod Stewart, Steve Perry, etc.), Darin Favorite (Pam Tillis, Collin Raye etc.), Jim Kirby (Roy Orbison), Joe Funderburk (Emmylou Harris, the Judds etc.)

Other accomplishments of Cindy’s include:

Her song “Running with Scissors” was written based on the book, and the movie being released in October 2006. The movie’s music supervisor is quoted in saying “the songs lyrics are dead on”.

Several of her songs are on top ten chart list on internet radio stations.

Her music was selected for a reality-based TV show that’s being developed, and has been featured on the TV program, “El Dorado Sings Out”, for the past four years. Her music is also featured on the new internet reality show ‘our”.

She has performed for many years in her own band, and featured in other’s. Stage credits include Operas, musicals, and vaudeville shows.

Out of a selection of 9000 songs two of Cindy’s songs were chosen to be featured on the TNT/Warner Brothers TV series “WitchBlade”.

Loggins Promotions ranked 7 out of 11 of her songs on her latest CD as top-rated radio Billboard commercial material.

She now is hired by other musicians to write music for them, and is emailed often to be part of national complication CD’s.

Cindy graduated cum laude from college in three years time with a BA in music, a minor in business, and was in the top ten of her class. She is the proprietor of a music teaching establishment in which she has a waiting list at all times. One of her own students has recently been approached by record labels. Cindy is in the process of co-writing music with this student.

Along with her talent, professionalism, incredible efficiency, and relentless drive Cindy would and does turn everything she works on to gold. She is endeared by all who work with her, and constantly surprises them with her musical abilities.

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