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Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1986 and raised in a suburb of Vancouver, Canada, Tiffany’s vocal talent was apparent very early in her development. The story of Tiffany Desrosiers’ career was set in motion at the tender age of 8 when her grandmother, a singer herself, encouraged her to pursue formal vocal training. Soon Tiffany also became involved in various forms of dance and over the next several years, she found herself involved in film and television. Despite Tiffany’s love for both dance and acting, music soon became her passion. Tiffany was twice invited to audition as a vocalist for the legendary Cirque du Soleil as they performed a North American wide search for a lead role in the ‘Quidam’ production (2001), and she again auditioned at their request in Seattle for a new project (2004). Tiffany has performed as a guest vocalist with the Canadian Tenors, and most recently at a charity function with Canadian Tenor Leon Leontaridis. Other recent performances include Westwynd Art Gallery and Arts for Life benefit.

Through dedication, determination, and a love for performing, Tiffany accumulated an impressive assortment of Music Scholarships and Awards, including winning the Intermediate Voice category at the British Columbia Festival of the Arts at the age of 16. Tiffany also recently competed in SongFest, an annual music festival in Vancouver, where she won first place in all three categories entered. Mrs. Barbara Lefebvre, a vocal coach and mentor, asserts;

“Tiffany not only has the musical talent but also the tremendous drive needed to pursue her dream to have a professional singing career…Tiffany has a wonderful ability to go beyond the musical score and find a deeper meaning in the music that she sings.”

Attending a Fine Arts School allowed Tiffany to focus on voice and involve herself in Concert, Chamber and Jazz Choirs. Tiffany was selected to perform as a soloist in many performances. Jim Sparks, Choir Director in the Music Department knows Tiffany as a “determined, tenacious, and gifted young musician.”

Tiffany’s musical training was significantly furthered over the past two years when she attended the Seth Riggs Summer Vocal Camp in Los Angeles, California. Considered the entertainment world’s top vocal instructor, Seth Riggs is held in highest regard by singers, producers, and managers across North America. Tiffany soon caught the attention of Seth Riggs who introduced her to music manager Dan Cleary.

Tiffany continues to study voice with vocal teachers Spencer Welch and Ingrid Suderman. Tiffany has also worked with Vocal Coach Greg Enriquez of Las Vegas, and most recently with Metropolitan Opera Coach Rakefet Hak. To expand her songwriting and piano skills, Tiffany is studying with producer/songwriter Dave Pickell, and she continues to co-write with producers Adam Popowitz (of the Atlantic/143 Recording Act Mollies Revenge) and Craig Zurba.

Through music; her voice, her song, Tiffany’s ability to reach out and touch the listener is something she knows can make a difference. Growing up listening to her idols – Celine Dion, Lara Fabian, and Josh Groban – helped to shape her dreams and create a vision for her future, a future where she is the performer who is providing inspiration and making a positive impact on the world around her.

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