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Dickey Betts Wife, Donna Betts adhere his side until his last day; How long were they married?

Dickey Betts and his wife, Donna Betts married in 1989 and were were together since the last 35 years.

On April 18, 2024, Dickey Betts, founding member of the Allman Brothers Band, bid goodbye to the world. During his last moments, his wife Donna was at his bedside.

The couple has been together for the past 35 years. Donna became Dickey Betts’s fifth wife in 1989.

Before Donna, the legendary singer Dickey Betts was with his wife, Sandy Bluesky Wabegijig. Their marriage lasted only two years, and his previous marriages dissolved quickly.

But, Dickey Betts endured his marriage with his last wife, Donna, as the pair stuck to each other in every low and high situation that came in their lives.

In the recent time, the two were residing on the water in Osprey, Florida, The Washington Post reports.

Key Takeaways

  • Donna Betts is the fifth wife of Dickey Betts who remained by his side until his last breath.
  • Dickey and Donna married in 1989.
  • Dickey’s wife, Donna once was detained for pointing a gun to the rowing crew.

Listen to Dickey Betts’ song here:

Dickey Betts’ Wife, Donna, once went to prison for threatening rowers

In March 2017, the wife of Dickey Betts, Donna, was arrested for pointing a rifle at a rowing crew consisting of 100 teens and coaches.

Per Sarasota County authorities charged her with “18 counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, causing a well-founded fear coupled with the ability to produce great bodily harm and/or death.”

Meanwhile, Donna came up with a 30-30 Winchester rifle in front of the Sarasota Crew and intimidated them not to show up on her property.

But someone recorded her yelling video on the phone. In this regard, the local deputy said, “The video depicts the fear in the students’ voices as they ask why she was pointing the rifle at them.”

As reported by WWSB, after threatening students, the wife of Dickey Betts threw her rifle, which police later found unloaded. She then called 911 and said that the crew from Sarasota High School had destroyed her life, and she had had it.

However, the record was the evidence of her wrongdoing, so authorities took her into custody. Judges asked Betts to pay a $180,000 bond, labeling it a ‘bizarre situation.’

Though she could have received at least 3 years of imprisonment for her actions, the Judge minimized her sentencing period. She was released shortly after being in custody for a while.


What caused Dickey Bett’s death?

As per sources, Dickey passed away due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Who is Dickey Bett’s son?

Dickey’s son is Duane Betts, with whom he shared his ex-wife, Paulette Howell.

What guitar did Dickey Betts play?

While Dickey was alive, he was often seen playing a Gibson Les Paul Goldtop guitar.

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