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Hunxho Ethnicity and nationality: Is the Hip-Hop rapper Nigerian?

Atlanta rapper Hunxho now has over 1.5 million monthly listeners on his Spotify and 1 million fan following in his Instagram account.

The rapper Hunxho is of American nationality and is rumored to be of African ethnicity.

Although the Atlanta-based rapper Hunxho came onto the scene in 2021 with his hit single, Let’s Get It, little is known about his origin and family.

Moreover, the rapper Hunxho has not spoken about his parents, leaving space for rumors and speculations.

One fan took to Reddit to solve the confusion and asked, “Is Hunxho African?” However, instead of providing a proper answer, the query got many sarcastic comments.

Key Takeaways

  • The Atlanta-based rapper Hunxho is of American nationality, but his ethnic background is unknown to the public.
  • Based on his real name, fans speculate that he might be African American, while some claim he is of Nigerian descent.

Here is the list of tracks from the artist Hunxho that you might like to hear!

Hunxho ethnicity and origin remain ambiguous, with some saying his father is Nigerian!

Rapper Hunxho was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, on June 20, 1999. However, he grew up in East Atlanta, Georgia.

Apart from his stage name, Honxho, his real name is Ibrahim Muhammed Dodo. After getting to know his real name, many speculated that Hunxho might be of African ethnicity and heritage.

In the same Reddit thread, one user claimed to be a friend and had met Hunxho’s father. The user added that his father was African and had also taken the rapper to Africa.

Meanwhile, another commented that Hunxho’s father is Nigerian. However, there is no other information to verify whether Hunxho is of Nigerian descent. However, it is true that the rapper Hunxho is of American nationality.

In addition, despite all these claims and rumors, the Hip-Hop rapper himself has not said anything about his descent.

Besides that, many Reddit users added that the rapper looks English and European, while some even say he looks Italian.

Regardless, as of now, the ethnicity of American rapper Hunxho remains ambiguous.


What type of music does Hunxho make?

Hunxho makes Hip-Hop music and blends various genres, such as Contemporary Rap, southern rap, and Trap, in his music.

Who is Hunxho dating now?

Hunxho is currently dating the R&B singer and songwriter Keyshia Cole. The couple announced their relationship on Twitter on April 15, 2024.

Is the rapper Hunxho married?

No! The American rapper Hunxho has not tied the knot with anyone as of April 2024.

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