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Doe Boy remains tightlipped about girlfriend but hints at having a wife!

Doe Boy's new single Way Too Long was featured in Apple iPhone 15 plus commercial which got more playtime than Taylor Swift during the NBA playoffs.

Despite the fame, rapper Doe Boy, aka Beezy, has not revealed anything about his girlfriend. However, a few months ago, he took to Twitter saying, “Ready to pop out wit my wife fr fr 😍”

That said, the Ohio-native rapper did not spill any beans about his relationship later, let alone reveal his wife.

Apart from that, he also has posts with pictures featuring some ladies on his Instagram. But he has not mentioned or tagged them in the post, keeping them a secret. Moreover, he often blurs their face as well. Talk about privacy, right?

Here is the list of tracks from the artist Doe Boy that you might like to hear!

Shala the Unicorn is the girlfriend of Maglera Doe Boy but not Doe Beezy!

When you search for Doe Boy’s girlfriend online, the name Shala the Unicorn pops up. However, she is the girlfriend of another American rapper, Maglera Doe Boy.

The confusion might have arisen from the same stage name, Doe Boy. Unlike the 100 Shooters singer, Maglera Doe Boy has been vocal about his relationships.

Nevertheless, the Cleveland rapper, Doe Boy again took to Twitter and said, “My wife gone be lucky to have me.”

Speculating from that, it seems the Hip-Hop rapper is not married but is certain his future wife will find herself lucky to have him.

Apart from that, no information from official outlets hints at who Doe Boy might be dating.

Additional Information

  • The Cleveland rapper Doe Boy’s real name is Isam Mostafa, and his birth name is Cotrell J. Dennard.
  • He became famous with his hit song, Mini Vans, but became an even more prominent rapper with his song Walk Down.
  • Doe Boy is co-signed by Future and his record label, Freebandz. He is also signed under Epic and RBMG Records.
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