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Hunxho baby mama Kiya says her daughter Xoë Imani is an angel!

Hunxho confirmed he is dating Keyshia Cole after retweeting Keyshia's tweet, 'mine' with a heart.

Although the Atlanta-based rapper Hunxho hasn’t shared who his baby daughter Xoë’s mama is, fans have already figured it out. It is Kiya Chantel, who goes by the Instagram username @niikiiyaa.

Likewise, Kiya herself has not said her baby daughter’s father is indeed Hunxho.

However, she agrees with fans who say her baby daughter looks like his dad, hinting at Hunxho. As per her Instagram bio, Kiya is a phlebotomist and EKG technician.

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Rumors surrounding Hunxho baby mama, Kiya being a minor!

Right after the pregnancy news broke out, a rumor of the rapper Hunxho making a 17-year-old pregnant went viral.

One user took it to Reddit and said the alleged 17-year-old girl had lied about her age. While some fans criticized the rapper for falling for the minor, others bashed the girl for lying.

Moreover, one user replied that 17 is the legal age of consent in Georgia when one lashed out about the girl being a minor, blaming the rapper.

Regardless of the rumor, it all went away when fans saw the Hunxho baby daughter and Kiya.

Moreover, the Hunxho baby mama, Kiya, seems to be enjoying the latest chapter of life as a mother, unbothered by all those allegations and rumors.

She recently took to her socials to give updates about her baby daughter, Xoë Imani, with the caption, “Xoë 💚” After seeing the photos, the fans were quick enough to notice how similar the daughter Xoë looked like the rapper.

One Instagram user commented, “ik you mad ash you carried her for 9 months, and she looks exactly like her daddy😭😍” To which the baby mama, Kiya, replied, “Now you kno she look like me sometimes 😂😂😒😒”

Additional Information

  • The By Tomorrow rapper Hunxho is an American singer and songwriter hailing from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The real name of the Hunxho is Ibrahim Muhammed Dodo.
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