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Singer Will Young remains unmarried, as he once said, ‘I never thought I would get married’

Singer Will Young once expressed his interest in marriage saying, "when the door came open again it’s like, "Oh wow, maybe I can do that." 

English singer, songwriter, and actor Will Young has yet to get married, though he is already in his mid-40s.

His current relationship status precisely aligns with his childhood feelings as he once said, “I never thought I would get married or have kids from the age of six.” But, having said that, it doesn’t mean marriage never crossed his mind.

When Will Young saw the possibility, he was ready to get married and settle down. In this regard, he said in the 2020 interview, “I had shut it off, so when the door came open again, it’s like, Oh wow, maybe I can do that.”

Despite contemplating a proper wedding and children, Will Young, who came out gay in March 2002, is still single and hasn’t addressed anyone, his husband, to this date.

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Is Will Young’s reasoning for not getting married his past trauma?

Well, it’s hard to say if Will Young’s past trauma has affected his marriage decision. But it’s for sure that he has stepped back from a relationship multiple times in his life due to his past trauma.

Talking to the Guardian, he once stated, “Because of past experiences – abuse at boarding school – I find relationships triggering. I don’t feel damaged, but it was damaging. I don’t know if I can trust someone to do that with.”

Due to this, the pop genre artist remained single most of his life, which embarrassed him in some phases. “I’ve been mostly single throughout my life. I don’t feel it now, but there was a time when I was quite ashamed of it. Relatives pityingly asked… Anyone?”

But now, in his 40s, Will Young actually finds being single ‘liberating.’ In an exclusive talk with Evening Standard back in 2021, he said, “Actually, I’m very happily single and don’t want to be in a relationship. I used to feel quite ashamed about that, but I don’t now, in my forties—it’s been liberating.”

Going through his social media handles, we can see that he is single and not dating anyone. However, he has been in multiple relationships in the past.

He once revealed that one of his ex-boyfriends’ names was Julian and also said he once joined Tinder looking for love.

Additional Information

  • English singer Will Young became famous after he released his debut singles Anything Is Possible and Evergreen.
  • Will was 22 years old when he won the reality show Pop Idol.
  • Will Young once said some homophobic thugs intimidated him just for walking hands to hands with his ex-boyfriend Julian.
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