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Jack Blocker parents, Truman and Caryn Blocker, say, ‘they are proud of their shy kid!’

Jack Blocker is reaching new heights with his singing talents as he just made it to American Idol’s top 8, and his parents could not be any more prouder.

Venturing into the music world at the age of 17, Jack Blocker has been enchanting everyone, even his parents.

His parents, Truman and Caryn, are proud of their shy kid, who is now giving back-to-back soulful performances in front of everyone.

Here are the singles from the American Idol sensation Jack Blocker that you might like to tune in to!

Who are Jack Blocker parents? Everything to know about his family

The American Idol sensation Jack Blocker was born on June 8, 1998, to his parents, Truman and Caryn Blocker.

Besides Jack, the Blocker family welcomed three daughters, Kate, Ellie, and Annie.

Truman Blocker, father of Jack, was born in Dallas and raised in Richardson, Texas. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is a Spectrum Strategies, LLC partner.

He received his BBA in Finance from Texas Christian University in 1991 and an MBA in 1993.

After that, he returned to Dallas and began his financial services practice. In late 2002, he became a partner of Spectrum Strategies, LLC.

Truman got married to Caryn Blocker, Jack’s mother, in 1993. Unlike Jack’s father, not much information is available about his mother, Caryn.

Although the Blocker parents do not share musical roots, they have supported Jack’s musical career.

Furthermore, they tagged along their son, Jack, to his Nashville audition for American Idol. His father, Truman, remembering the revote, said, “He walked all the way back. They were taking off his mic. It was over.”

However, Jack Blocker got a second chance and a revote, earning him a golden ticket to Hollywood. And now the rest is history!

Though Blocker’s parents described the singer as a crazy shy kid, now he is on a roll with back-to-back top performances. Her mother told WFAA, “We are so proud but not because he’s in the spotlight. We’re just proud of him…like his character.”

Additional Information

  • Jack Blockers married his high school girlfriend, Georgia Autrey, on June 6, 2021.
  • Although Jack Blocker shares the same last name with the late actor Dan Blocker, they are not related to each other.
  • Many viewers criticized Katy Perry for her comments on Jack Blocker’s facial expression while singing.
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