Jessica Vasquez

jessica vasquez

Jessica Vasquez

Christian / Acoustic

CHINO HILLS, California

Official website


Jessica delivers a fresh sound, with a unique voice, to captivate the emotions of the listener. Her spiritually inspired songs cause one to reflect philosophically, and rejoice triumphantly.

Jessica brings a sincere heart forward in her work, with her quirky sense of humor. She is not only professional, but considers every opportunity to perform an honor. Her down to earth personality adds a sweet touch to her repertoire. She is a vocalist, a songwriter, musician, and a voice teacher pursuing a higher education in Voice pedagogy. She sings classical music, pop, and jazz, aiming to be as versatile in genres as possible. Jessica also has a specialty in singing in Spanish and connecting with her Latin community.

Jessica has been featured on various albums and has been invited to perform throughout the nation and in various church locations throughout Southern California.

Jessica is currently sponsored by the ‘Guatemala House of Culture’ in Los Angeles, CA. Presently, certain record companies are in review of signing her

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