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Kirsten Corley, who holds American nationality, is absolutely proud of her ethnic roots

Kirsten Corley proud of her ethnic roots as she states herself as a 'Black Woman raising Black daughters.'

Chance the Rapper’s now ex-wife, Kirsten Corley, often expresses her pride in her black ethnic roots more than her nationality. As a black woman, she absolutely honored her race and wanted to pass its values on to her children.

In an exclusive talk with Essence magazine, she proudly valorized her ethnic background, considering herself a ‘black mother raising black girls.’

While talking about her new clothing brand, World of BOBY, she used the context of her race to explain that she wants to teach her kids to embrace their true identity.

She said, “My daughter inspired me to create this collection that would empower her in her own identity and [to] love her skin and hair. At the very core of what BOBY is, it’s really about celebrating our kids being exactly who they are.”

Key Takeaways

  • Hailing from Chicago, Chance the Rapper’s now ex-wife, Kirsten Corley, is American by nationality.
  • She is absolutely proud of her black roots.
  • She and Chance the Rapper have supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

Listen to Kirsten Corley’s ex-husband Chance the Rapper’s song here:

Chance the Rapper’s now ex-wife, Kirsten Corley, is a Chicago native!

On June 7, 2021, Kirsten uploaded a post on her Instagram mentioning her hometown. In the caption, she wrote, “Just a free-spirited gal from Chicago who used to thrive on spontaneity. Now I thrive on purpose, routine, and 8 hours of sleep, lol. Talk thirty to me 😎🤍🤙🏽.”

Credible sources state that the rap genre artist Chance the Rapper’s ex-wife was born in Chicago, Illinois, and spent her childhood there. So, the obvious is that she completed her education in the Chicago area.

According to her LinkedIn, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from DePaul University, located in the heart of Chicago.

Likewise, she began her career as an office administrator and ABA Community Outreach Coordinator in Greater Chicago. She also set up a clothing business there, showing her heart for Chicago.

Kristen Corley is a supporter of the Black Lives Matter Movement

Together with Chance the Rapper, Kristen Corley has firmly supported the Black Lives Matter movement. The former couple also did their best to instill anti-racist values in their daughter.

In this regard, Kirsten’s now ex-husband, Chance the Rapper, in his 2020 interview, said, “Mainly, we’ve been teaching Kensli to love herself, to understand that her opinion is important, to understand that Black is beautiful and that Black power is her superpower.”

Commenting on racism, he added, “I think freedom, or even just the lack of oppression and racism, starts with recognizing the humanity in others.”

“And I think we’re kind of indoctrinated to look at people who aren’t in our same tier of social hierarchy as ‘other.’ This time is calling into question everyone’s morality and everybody’s sense of complicity and the oppression of people at large.”

Well, having an American nationality, Kirsten Corley is undoubtedly identified as an African-American woman. However, her black roots matter greatly, so she has firmly supported the Black Lives Matter Movement.


What does Kirsten Corley do for a living?

Kirsten Corley runs a clothing brand, World of BOBY. She is also a social media personality and former model.

What nationality is Chance the Rapper?

Born in Illinois, Chance the Rapper is American by nationality.

Who does Chance the Rapper have a baby with?

Chance the Rapper has two daughters, Kensli and Marli, with his now ex-wife Kirsten Corley.

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