Len Snow

Len Snow

Country / Rockabilly

NASHVILLE, Tennessee


Len Snow was born into a family of 8 in Toledo, Ohio. Growing up in a Country Music family was a real treat for Len. His father and mother were both singers. His father had a country music band for over 30 years in Toledo and his mother was a singer on the radio as a young woman.

Len began playing guitar at age 8 and began singing at family functions around age 13. Len did not begin playing music live at venues until he got into an open mic night at the Michigan Tavern in Temperance, Michigan. Realizing his talent was singing and writing music Len began to work on his craft. Nothing happened to Len’s career until he moved to California in 2003.

He began playing for a couple of wineries as an acoustic act and for private parties. Word spread quickly about the country music man with movie star looks who was playing his guitar and stealing ladies hearts all over Livermore wine country. Len decided to record a demo with some money that he had saved and he did just that. With the help of his first producer, Warren Dennis Kahn, he produced a 3 song demo that eventually got him credibility in Nashville, TN.

Now Len is ramping up for a tour this summer that will take him to the fifty largest major country music markets in the US. This will coincide with his numerous in store appearances at FYE stores nationwide. Len Snow is an extremely hot commodity and the momentum is growing.

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