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Is Tom Rosenthal related to Maureen Lipman? Familial ties check!

Maureen Lipman bluntly explains that though Tom Rosenthal feels like family but he is not!

No! Although there are two famous individuals named Tom Rosenthal, none are related to Maureen Lipman. One individual is a renowned comedian and actor, while the other is a singer.

For some inexplicable reason, people often think the comedian Tom Rosenthal is the son of Maureen Lipman, perhaps because they both shared a screen together in the TV series Plebs. Nonetheless, they are not related to each other biologically.

Besides that, some fans thought singer Tom Rosenthal might be related to Maureen Lipman.

The musician had lost his father, while Maureen lost her husband, Jack Rosenthal. So, many wondered if Jack Rosenthal was the father of the singer.

Listen to Tom Rosenthal’s songs here:

Key Takeaways

  • Maureen Lipman is not related to either actor or singer Tom Rosenthal, but they belong to the same English entertainment industry.
  • In an interview, Maureen cleared things out and said that though Tom feels like family, he is not.

None of Tom Rosenthal is related to Maureen Lipman besides the same industry!

The English actress Maureen Lipman cleared the confusion in an interview with Mirror UK in 2018. She said, “Tom Rosenthal feels like family, although he isn’t.”

In this conversation, she was talking about the actor Tom Rosenthal, so it is pretty clear that Maureen Lipman is not related to the comedian, at least biologically.

On the other hand, musician Tom Rosenthal lost his father in 2019. But, Maureen Lipman lost her husband, Jack Rosenthal, in 2004.

Further, to clarify things, let us check the familial tree of Maureen and Tom Rosenthal.

Maureen Lipman was born on 10 May 1946 and has two children: Amy and Adam Rosenthal.

Meanwhile, actor Tom Rosenthal was born to his parents, Jim and Christine Rosenthal. They both work in the Television industry; Jim is a Sports presenter, while Christine is a Newsnight producer.

Similarly, musician Tom Rosenthal was born to his late father, Denis Rosenthal, and his mother, Ruth Rosenthal. The musician wrote Now You Know, a song dedicated to his late father, and has a music video for the song Half An Orphan with his mother.

So, by considering this information, it is evident Maureen Lipman is not related to any of Tom Rosenthal.

Nevertheless, Maureen and Tom are related to the same English entertainment industry.

While Maureen Lipman and one Tom Rosenthal are established English actors, another Tom is a famous English singer-songwriter. However, they all amaze fans with their unique talents.


Who is Tom Rosenthal related to?

Actor Tom Rosenthal is related to Jim Rosenthal, an English sports presenter and commentator. They share a father-son relationship.

Is Jack Rosenthal related to Maureen Lipman?

Yes! Jack Rosenthal was the late husband of Maureen Lipman.

Does Maureen Lipman have grandchildren?

In an interview, Maureen Lipman revealed she has two grandchildren.

What genre is Tom Rosenthal?

While some of Tom Rosenthal’s songs may have the feel of short, catchy pop tunes, his primary music genre is Folk.

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