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Mariah The Scientist receives criticism for her Galore magazine photoshoot, raising queries like who is the daughter and the baby’s father

The concept of Galore Magazine for Mariah The Scientist was about the singer meeting her partner in jail while holding a daughter in her hand.

However, most fans could not cope with the idea of Mariah’s shoot as they found it promoting single motherhood while the baby daddy was in jail, which clashed with reality.

One of the Twitter users replied to the Tweet, saying, “This gives cosplay. Especially since she can’t even relate to being a single mom. This picture says a lot. Stop promoting single motherhood. There’s nothing sexy about raising a kid alone while ur man is in jail. Real life ain’t an aesthetic.”

While some believed the photo shoot would have been much better without the baby, they believed Mariah disproportionately affected the Black community.

A Twitter user tweets, “Exactly! This disproportionately effects the black community. “White people in jail to.” Ok? Black children have significantly worse outcomes/ trauma responses when there parents are incarcerated. So yes, Black Trauma.”

Key Takeaways

  • Mariah The Scientist is in a relationship with Young Thug, who is in jail.
  • Mariah The Scientist does not have a child, and the baby in the magazine photoshoot seems to have been chosen randomly.
  • She plans to make Young Thug her baby daddy and wait until he gets released.

The photoshoot raised the question: Did Mariah The Scientist have a baby with Young Thug?

Young Thug has been incarcerated since May 2022 on RICO charges, and rumors have it that Mariah The Scientist and Young Thug started dating in 2021.

The dating rumors of Mariah and Thug turned reality when the R&B singer chanted “Free Thug” during her performance at Outside Lands in San Francisco in August 2023.

Amidst her performance, Mariah says, “Now, you know I got a man. He locked up. Free my baby daddy!” confirming that she wishes to have a family with Young Thug.

Also, the baby photoshoot made everyone question the baby’s identity and father. Many users asked, “So is this her and Thugg baby?”

In the current scenario, Mariah The Scientist has no daughter or son as she has not been married. She opens up with Angela Yee on a podcast about her relationship and says she visits Young Thug once a week and has daily conversations on the phone.

Meanwhile, she has shown no signs of pregnancy, raising another question regarding whose baby she is holding during the shoot.

As per sources, that would be a random baby lucky enough to share the photoshoot with the singer.

Some fans defended Mariah The Scientist, saying, “So y’all telling me creativity is linked to reality? 😂 why y’all dragging it?”

Nevertheless, Mariah The Scientist seems adamant about supporting Young Thug and plans to wait for his release.

She says, “It’s almost like jail solidified our relationship. I’m willing to wait it out because I feel like he’s the one. If I didn’t really see that in him, I probably wouldn’t.”


What is the story behind Mariah The Scientist name?

The real name of Mariah The Scientist is Mariah Amani Buckles, but she gave herself the stage name after she dropped out from St. John’s University to pursue a music career, and the name shows her genuine love of science.

Is Mariah The Scientist and Brittany Renner sisters?

Although they look alike, Mariah The Scientist and Brittany Renner are not sisters.

Is Mariah The Scientist on tour right now?

Mariah The Scientist is not on tour right now. She had to postpone her To Be Eaten Alive Tour for Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Detroit until May 2024 as she is sick and is losing her voice.

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