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Death Metal / Metal

Gouda, Zuid Holland Netherlands

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Both Andre and Rik wanted to do something different from Dark Remains & VUIST. Therefore they started Warmaster.

After a lot experimenting, we finally wrote the first songs. They had that typical Bolt Thower-groove, therefore we decided to call the band Warmaster to Honour (Valour, Pride) the Metal Crusaders!

As things musically fell together, we got the urge to play live and spread the word of Warmaster. With Robert (Ancient Curse, The Plague) and Corne (The Plague) joining the fold, Warmaster is ready to perform live wherever, whenever! Early 2006 Robert left the band.

As a three piece Warmaster recorded their debut-cd early 2006.

With Rudi de Pont and Alex Schlüter joining forces, Warmaster is ready to play live whenever, wherever again!

Current line-up:
Corné Bijlemeer – Vocals
Rik van Gageldonk – Guitar
Ruud de Pont – Guitar (not on pic)
Alex Schlüter – Bass
André van der Ree – Drums

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