Tonya Louise

Tonya Louise

Country / Acoustic

Central, California

Official website


If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Tonya perform, you have to make time. Her vivid personality shines and her stage presence has been compared to that of Shania Twain and Jodi Mesina on many occasions.

Tonya grew up in the small town of Visalia, CA., just north of Bakersfield. Her passion for music started at an early age where she performed in musicals and was actively involved with the music programs throughout school. You could always catch her singing in front of the mirror with her hairbrush when there was music playing.

She has always dreamed of being on a stage someday, not just for her pleasure, but that of the fans. Tonya Says, ‘If I can sing and entertain to make people smile and have a good time then I have accomplished more that I ever imagined!’ She is also actively involved with several charities and the L.E.A.C. Inc.( Law Enforcement Assistance Connection Inc.), which helps families that have lost their loved ones in the line of duty.

She also states, ‘When and if I ever get that big break a large portion of my proceeds WILL go to help places like St. Judes in Memphis, TN and The Valley Childrens Hospital right here in the Central Valley.’ Tonya was named The Next Big Thing at the Kings County fair in 2004 and is willing to stand up for her country whenever she is asked to sing the Star Spangled Banner. ‘Its the toughest song out there’, she says, ‘but it is worth it every time!’ Her band members mean the world to her and she considers them part of her family. Her band has a full sound with male and female lead vocals along with six instruments: lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard. Tonya has two children that she would do anything for and hopes that by following her dreams they will learn to follow their own, and appreciate the talents that God has given them!

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