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McKenna Faith Breinholt parents and biological family gave a surprise visit on American Idol!

Although the adoptive family of McKenna Faith Breinholt did not share any musical roots, they always cheered their daughter to pursue musical career.

After giving a mesmerizing performance on the American Idol audition round, McKenna Faith Breinholt got a surprise visit from his adoptive parents and biological family.

The 25-year-old singer quickly got emotional and teared up, saying, “They’re here! My birth family is here!”

It turns out that McKenna Faith is the long-lost daughter of Amy Ross Lopez, who passed away in 2013.

McKenna Faith Breinholt later sang one of her biological mother’s original songs, making everyone emotional.

Here is the list of tracks from the artist McKenna Faith Breinholt that you might like to hear!

The adoptive parents of McKenna Faith Breinholt are happy their daughter found her biological family!

Born on August 19, 1998, in Mesa, Arizona, McKenna Faith Breinholt’s mother, Amy Ross Lopez, gave her up right after birth.

McKenna Faith was adopted by her parents, Lisa Kindred and Garin L Breinholt. They raised her in Gilbert, Arizona, alongside her two brothers.

According to her adoptive father, Garin’s LinkedIn profile, he is an Executive VP at Forever Living Products.

Meanwhile, looking at her biological family, Derrick Ross was the biological father of McKenna Faith Breinholt.

Although both of her biological parents had passed away in 2013, the birth family of McKenna Faith Breinholt kept looking for her.

Eventually, in 2020, they found McKenna online, and later, in June 2023, the singer connected with her birth family.

Meanwhile, her adoptive Breinholt parents were supportive of McKenna’s quest to find her birth family. They did not keep McKenna’s adoption secret either. The singer recalls knowing her parents adopted her as early as she could understand it.

McKenna had not met them in person until the audition, so they decided to give her a surprise visit on American Idol.

Seeing two families connect, pop singer Katey Perry added, “It’s wonderful to have them all together and it’s so wonderful for your mom and dad to see this and to be so open and loving and supportive about this.”

Meanwhile, her biological grandma commented how similar McKenna Faith looked to her mother, Amy.

Additional Information

  • McKenna Faith Breinholt’s mother, Lisa Kindred, had trouble getting pregnant, so they turned to adoption. Her parents adopted three children, including American Idol sensation McKenna Faith.
  • The singer has now made it into the top 10 of American Idol season 22.
  • Her biological mother, Amy Ross-Lopez, aka Whiskey Girl, put the baby McKenna up for a better future as she was previously diagnosed with lupus.
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