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Prophecy began in 1991 in Shreveport, LA. James Parks II (guitars/vocals/drums) met a couple of other musicians and started jamming together, then decided to form a band. James chose PROPHECY as the name, then after playing in the Shreveport area for over 3 years, the 4 members decided to part ways. About 6 months passed before James met Joe ‘Boogie’ Dunlap (guitar) and they decided to move to the D/FW, Texas area to reform PROPHECY as BRUTAL DEATH METAL in 1995.

PROPHECY began writing new material for their debut 5-song EP ‘It Shall Come to Pass’, (released by Prophecy Records on cassette in March 1996). In March of 1997 a 2-song promo was released by Prophecy Records on cassette for promotion of their debut full-length CD, ‘Foretold…Foreseen’, which was released by Prophecy Records in October 1998.

James Parks II is officially endorsed by Jackson Guitars as of Feb 2000! ‘It Shall Come To Pass’ has been officially re-released on PROPHECY Records as of September 3rd, 2001. PROPHECY released their 2nd full-length c.d. ‘Our Domain’ on Shindy Productions (Czech Republic) on 7-7-02. 2003 saw the 8th release, a 2nd 7” split. Prophecy members are Eric “BiggiE” Croson (bass/vocals), Ryan ‘RYNO’ Isbell (vocals), Joe ‘Boogie’ Dunlap (guitars) and James Parks II (guitars/vocals).

They are diligently working on new material for their 3rd official full-length release, “DON’T FUCKIN’ MESS WITH TEXAS”! 2006 will see the release of their 1st official DVD, and a “LIVE IN EUROPE” c.d.! This brings them to where PROPHECY is today! With awards and endorsements under their belt and numerous major U.S. / EUROPEAN festivals/tours played and coming.

PROPHECY has proven they are here to stay! Accomplishments/Awards Fests/tours played: -Deathfest West I (1996) -Deathfest West II (1997) -Milwaukee Metalfest (1997) -Toured w/ Dying Fetus and Deeds Of Flesh (1998) -Toured w/ Divine Empire (1998) – co-headlined -Grindfest (1998) -Michigan International Metalfest (1998) -Grindfest II (1999) -Ohio Deathfest (1999) -November To Dismember festival (1999) -Ohio Deathfest (2000) -Ohio Deathfest (2001) -European tour w/Godless Truth (2004) – headlined -Extreme Texas Metalfest II (2004) – headlined -Maryland Deathfest III (2005) -Ohio Deathfest (2005) – co-headlined -Voted .1 most requested band and song (‘Feasting on the Flesh’) of 1997 on KNON 89.3fm (Dallas, TX.) -First Death Metal band to be played on 105.3fm and play the 105.3fm ‘Live and Local Show’ (7-7-02) -First Death Metal band to be played on KEGL 97.1fm ‘The Eagle’ and play The Eagle’s ‘Local Show’ (9-22-02) © 1991-2005 PROPHECY ® 2000-2005 PROPHECY ALL RIGHTS RESERVED GET IN TOUCH FOR MERCHNDISE!!!!!!! .

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