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Rapper Trippie Redd baby mama authenticity was questioned after he revealed ‘the son he introduced to the world last year isn’t his’

Rapper Trippie Redd revealed that the DNA test proved that he doesn't have a child.

Recently, while having an exclusive talk with the vlogger DDG, the American rap singer Trippie Redd dropped the booming news. During a tour of Redd’s mansion, DDG pulled out the conversation on fatherhood, saying, “I feel like we had a kid around the same time.”

Trippie Redd responded, “Bruh, I got a DNA test. I don’t even got a kid.”

The Hurts Me singer further said, “I swear, bro. I thought I did, and then I told the world that. Like, ahead of time, I never got no DNA test. And I ended up getting a DNA test and it wasn’t my kid.”

As per Redd, he underwent a paternity test at his mom’s request. “My mom was like, ‘Get a DNA test.’ You know how moms be. They be knowing. She was like, ‘Get a DNA test.”

Last year, in November 2023, Trippie Redd announced that he became the father of a son via Instagram without disclosing who his baby mama is. He even named his son Saint Michael White to maintain his family legacy.

Now, his recent revelation, which denies that Saint is not his son, has put many in shock, raising questions about the authenticity of the baby mama.

Key Takeaways

  • The American rapper Trippie Redd recently disclosed that the baby boy he introduced to the world last November as his son is actually not his.
  • While talking to the vlogger DDG, Trippie said that he underwent a paternity test, which revealed that he is not the father. This raised eyebrows about the authenticity of the baby mama.
  • Trippie also revealed that after discovering that he is not a father, he went into a state of emotional turmoil.

Listen to Trippie Redd’s song here:

DNA Test put Trippie Redd into emotional turmoil: Did the baby mama lie to him?

Well, if Trippie Redd’s statement about his short-lived fatherhood journey in DDG’s vlog is considered, it’s not wrong to say his baby mama, reportedly a lady named Nique, betrayed him. But wait, the response from the other side is yet to come.

However, Trippie, from his side, gave an account of the emotional turmoil he experienced after discovering that his son Saint is not his blood.

He said, “I feel like all the things I was going through during that time was, like, really fu*king with me. That’s why I couldn’t go on tour, or like, couldn’t do shows and shit.”

“I couldn’t really get in my spunk and feel good and shit. It was a lot of shit going on. Just a lot of confusion. I mean, it’s life. A lot of shit just happens. Maybe it happened for a reason.”

Last November, Trippin was pleased to announce himself as a father. He posted a video on Instagram saying, “I’m dropping a project named Saint Michael, right? What if I were to tell you that’s my son’s name, and I canceled the tour because I had to deliver my son?”

“Life be life-ing. Y’all sitting there, bashing me, saying all this crazy stuff. And here I’m just bringing my child into the world, you know?”


What is Trippie Redd worth?

According to sources, Trippie Redd’s worth is around $5 million.

How old is Trippie Redd?

Born on June 18, 1999, Trippie Redd is currently 24 years old.

Is Trippie Redd Hispanic?

No, Trippie is not Hispanic but is African American. He also has an Irish and Native American ancestry.

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