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Madai ChaKell gets a star tattoo while shining bright on American Idol!

After exchanging tense situation with Judge Luke Bryan, Madai ChaKell exits the show and says she is proud of the moment.

Amidst all the dramas on American Idol, Madai ChaKell is shining brighter than ever with her star tattoo, which she got after making it to Hollywood.

Although the 23-year-old singer, Madai ChaKell, took to Instagram after getting the tattoo, she has now deleted the post.

Regardless, we can see her tattoo in recent pictures Madai ChaKell uploaded on her Instagram. As per those photos, it appears the young rising star has two tattoos inked on her body.

Key Takeaways

  • Madai ChaKell has two tattoos inked on her body: five stars on her waist and a calligraphic Superstar on her right bicep.
  • As her Instagram bio contains, ‘Beyoncés Pick ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆,’ the star tattoo might be related to the celebrity singer giving Madai five stars.

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Madai ChaKell got herself a star and superstar tattoo, symbolizing ambition & success!

The American Idol singer Madai ChaKell has two meaningful tattoos inked on her body. One of the tattoos is of five stars lined up horizontally right over her waist. Meanwhile, Madai ChaKell’s other tattoo features Superstar on her right bicep.

On her Instagram bio, she has written, “Beyoncés Pick ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆.” So, the star tattoo might have something to do with Beyonce herself rating her with five stars.

Besides that, both tattoos of Madai ChaKell symbolize hope, ambition, and the pursuit of one’s goals or dreams. Interestingly, Madai ChaKell left American Idol, stating that it was not her dream.

From that, it is evident that the singer does not have a tattoo just to show. Instead, it actually means and speaks a great deal about her and her personality.

Nonetheless, the singer was entangled in a controversy right before leaving the show.

Apparently, in the latest episode, Madai ChaKell mocked country singer Luke Bryan for his southern accent.

Madai ChaKell exited the show after the heated situation with Judge Luke Bryan!

Things were not quite ideal between Madai ChaKell and Luke Bryan, as she got a no from the country singer in the audition round. Nonetheless, she made it to Hollywood’s performance week thanks to Katy and Lionel’s yes.

However, things went pretty rough after Madai ChaKell went on to perform Ariana Grande’s single, Tattooed Heart.

She began to sing but stopped midway, saying, “Hold on, hey, can we start that over? I wasn’t feeling that one. Sorry y’all.” She resumed singing but stopped again, pointing out the pianist. Madai ChaKell said, “Okay, we’re going to do this acapella because that’s not flowing the way we practiced.”

After all that commotion, she performed a solo song, which received mild applause from the audience and judge.

Luke asked her if her voice was okay, and Madai agreed and said it was not where she would like it.

In an interview backstage following the performance, Madai criticized the pianist and Luke for playing the ‘Is your voice OK?’ card. She added, “Is your voice OK, Luke? I haven’t heard you sing! Obviously, I can sing.”

Madai later got another chance to perform, and this time, she added a southern touch to the word heart at the end.

@dailymail American Idol contestant Madai ChaKell is being slammed for stopping the show mid-performance to criticize her pianist, and calling out Luke Bryan for asking if her voice was okay. 🎥 ABC / @AmericanIdol #americanidol #badattitude #lukebryan #madaichakell ♬ original sound – Daily Mail

Luke asked her about the change in tone for the word ‘heart’ to which she replied, “You know, you said something before, like, I don’t really know who I am quite yet, so I wanted to show you that I can be everyone and everything. Isn’t that what an American Idol is?”

With that, fans went on to bash the singer Madai for her attitude, and many called her arrogant.

Nevertheless, Madai ChaeKell exited the show, saying she did not want to continue due to contract restrictions and that it was simply not her dream.


How old is Madai ChaKell?

Born on November 30, 2000, Madai ChaKell is 23 years old as of 2024.

What is the ethnicity of Madai ChaKell?

Madai ChaKell is of Jamaican ethnicity, and her family ancestry traces back to Jamaican roots.

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