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Originally from Oise in Picardy, SPASM is moving towards extreme metal, a mix of Death, Grind, Hardcore.

Born from the ashes of the Medley group, SPASM began its adventure at the end of 2003.

The line up consists of JP (drums), Ludo (bass), Vinz (guitar) and Lesly (vocals).

The summer of 2004 was the first recording experience for the first demo; moderately satisfied with this one, SPASM returned to work at the end of 2005 to prepare the group’s second demo, entitled LUNAE DIES, which more lived up to their expectations.

Since April 2005, SPASM has been roaming the stages of the Picardy region as well as neighboring departments with the aim of making its music known and discovering the French underground scene.

With around twenty concerts to its credit, since its creation with groups such as Pitbulls in the Nursery, Ultra Vomit, DSK, Ashura, Murdum, BSD, Olc Sinnsir….SPASM has acquired a real musical identity as well as an ease communicative scene.

Today, SPASM plans to record an EP in the studio in summer 2006 and of course to continue to perform on as many stages as possible, always with the same rage that characterizes them.

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