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William Alexander had his parents, Preethi and Varghese, backstage during The Voice blind audition!

William Alexander won the Outstanding Vocal Soloist award in the Walt Disney Musical Festival and his proud father, Varghese took to his Facebook to celebrate his son's achievement.

The Staten Island teen, William Alexander, gave a soulful rendition of Lizzy McAlpine’s song ceilings while his parents and sister cheered for him backstage during The Voice blind audition.

In the intro video, William Alexander said his parents and family are super supportive. And it was pretty clear when Reba McEntire and Chance the Rapper turned their chairs; his parents and sister jumped with joy.

Furthermore, William also became emotional talking about his grandfather, who was blind and believed in his voice. He said, “He always said that he believed in me. It’s just crazy being here now!”

The Voice William Alexander: A first-generation Indian American with parents from India!

The Voice contestant William Alexander was born to his Indian parents, Preethi and Varghese Alexander. Besides William, they have three daughters: Rebecca, Sarah, and Elizabeth.

The Alexander couple moved to America from India, hoping to give their kids opportunities.

In the introduction video with his backstory for The Voice, William says he is the first generation Indian American.

As per his bio on the USA Network, William got into music through Indian melodies, even if he was not fluent in Malayalam. So, based on that, his parents might have been from South India.

William revealed that he has been singing ever since he can remember and that his parents instilled in him a love for music.

He recalls attending talent shows like Kidz Bop, which his parents signed him up for. With their support, William recorded music and got a chance to perform at the Apollo Theater.

So, it is no wonder William considers them his biggest influencers and thanks them for their constant support.

Apart from singing, his parents also encourage William to excel academically. They emphasize study as his backup plan while keeping music as his main goal.

And William is living up to their expectations with his excellent AP class results while being an up-and-coming singer.

Additional Information

  • William Alexander chose Reba McEntire as his coach after giving a soulful performance dedicated to his late grandfather in the blind audition round of The Voice.
  • The Staten Island native William is just 17 years old.
  • He is the one who made the queen of the country, Reba, emotional with his heartfelt rendition of Lizzy McAlpine’s song ceilings.
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