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American Idol Ajii Hafeez, Pakistani descent from his father, not Indian!

With consecutive soulful performances, the future looks very bright for the American Idol contestant, Ajii Hafeez.

In the new season of American Idol, the Pakistani descent singer Ajii Hafeez impressed everyone with his emotionally charged rendition of Lose Control by Teddy Swims. As the American Idol singer’s name, Ajii Hafeez, sounded Indian, he cleared it out and said he shared Pakistani roots when asked about his parents.

Before the performance, Luke Bryan asked him to tell judges about himself, and that’s when he revealed that his parents are Pakistani immigrants and he was there to make them proud.

Moreover, viewers also got to see the parents of Ajii Hafeez in a profile video of the singer uploaded by the American Idols.

Key Takeaways

  • Ajii Hafeez is the son of Pakistani immigrant parents Mohammad Hafeez and Sabrina, who currently reside in Brooklyn, New York.
  • His parents came to America even before Ajii Hafeez was born.
  • Ajii Hafeez auditioned for American Idols thanks to his work friend, Claire, who encouraged him to go for it.

American Idol Ajii Hafeez gives a shout-out to his co-worker Claire and his Pakistani, not Indian, parents!

Right before giving the mesmerizing performance, Ajii Hafeez shared his journey to American Idols from his hometown, Brooklyn. He said, “I’m the front desk/security/intaker. I just protect the building, basically.”

After that, he went on to say that he was there auditioning, all thanks to his co-worker Claire.

Ajii Hafeez explained, “I work the night shift, so nobody’s there. So, I’m just singing down the hallways and Claire heard it. And she was like, ‘Dude, what are you doing here?'”

an image of Mohammed Hafeez with his son Ajii Hafeez of American Idol contestant
The American Idols sensational singer Ajii Hafeez is not Indian; instead, he is American of Pakistani descent. (Source: Facebook)

“Both of my parents emigrated from Pakistan. They came out here with nothing,” he adds. With that, it became clear that American Idol contestant Ajii Hafeez is not Indian.

It turns out that his parents moved to the US even before he was born. So, in answer to the question of what Ajii Hafeez’s nationality is, he is American.

Meanwhile, American Idol contestant Ajii Hafeez shares Pakistani, not Indian, ethnic roots, as his parents are of Pakistani descent.

With that, we got to see his father, Mohammed Hafeez, and his mother, Sabrina, in his profile video. In it, they wished him to become successful and win the title.

Standing ovation to Ajii Hafeez after almost making judges ‘Lose Control!’

After giving a soulful rendition of Lose Control by Teddy Swims, Ajii Hafeez got himself a standing ovation from all judges.

Impressed with his performance, Katy Perry said, “What you’re giving us is raw. But. It’s that diamond in the rough stuff.”

Meanwhile, Lionel Richie says, “You had me on your opening note.” Then Bryan comments, “You sing like it’s all the line.”

But that is not all! Katy Perry even predicted that Ajii Hafeez is a sure shot at the top 10.

So, let’s see how far the Brooklyn boy of Pakistani descent will make it in this season of American Idol.


Where is AJii from American Idol from?

Although many thought American Idol contestant Ajii Hafeez might be Indian, he is not. Instead, Ajii is a Brooklyn resident with Pakistani descent from his father.

How old is the singer Ajii Hafeez?

The soulful singer Ajii Hafeez of American Idols is 27 years old.

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