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‘American Idol’ Kayko girlfriend is yet an enigma as the singer tend to conceal his love life

Kayko once posted a video on his Instagram stating that he wrote a song for his crush.

Born Sam Kelly Cohen, Kayko, who attended the American Idol 22 audition as a pianist for his friend Abby Blake, ended up being an accidental contestant on the show, eventually gaining much media attention.

While rising as a singing star, Kayko has provided some glimpses of his personal life. Sharing a video on his Instagram, he specifically talked about the grief that gulped him after his mom passed away and how he overcame that.

In this regard, he wrote, “Two years ago, my mom passed away. My grieving process is ongoing. But writing this song has helped heal me so much, and all I can hope is that if you’re missing someone that’s no longer in your life, this song can hopefully help you too.”

American Idol contestant Kayko has also shared pictures of his parents on his social media handles, but to this date, he has never addressed anyone, including his girlfriend.

So, it’s still a mystery to the world, though the media scrutiny over his love life has escalated. However, he once mentioned having a crush in one of his Insta clips.

Listen to Kayko’s songs here:

Kayko appears to have a crush on somebody, but who is she?

AI top 10 contestant Kayko, who introduced himself as ‘Alt-Pop Music Boy,’ often addresses relationship matters in his songs, which are more likely to signify his relationship history.

On January 5, 2023, he shared a video singing a song that said, “It’s been about a year since my gf and i broke up, I guess she’s my ex now that’s still weird. It was one of the hardest times in my life, no doubt. But honestly, as a songwriter, i’m grateful to her allowing me to write some fire songs.”

Well, whatever he sings may or may not have a literal meaning in his life, as the singer’s past romantic life has always remained a mystery.

But, at present, he appears to have a crush on somebody. On February 9, he posted a clip on his Instagram with a text overlay that say, “Showing my bestfriend a song I wrote about my crush,” and captioned it, “hope she approves.”

In the video, his best friend appears to be left in awe while listening to the lyrics, while the commentary section contains several assumptions regarding his crush.

While some claimed that his best friend was his crush, some questioned if it was Abby. His crush has remained an enigma to the world at this moment as he has yet to speak about it openly.

Additional Information

  • American Idol Kayko’s real name is Sam Kelly-Cohen.
  • Kayko is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, marking his nationality to be American.
  • Kayko is currently 23 years old.
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