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Musician Butch Crouch, a Santa Fe native who spent his life preserving folk music, passed away at 72

Butch Crouch regrading his music career once said, "I have been really lucky to have a career in music and work with some big names.”

In October 2011, the Santa Fe music community lamented the loss of Butch Crouch upon his passing suddenly at the age of 72.

Butch’s demise was due to an accidental fall, causing severe wounds on his head, Colorado Community Media reports.

Further, as stated by his daughter, Courtney Sanders, he took his last breath at his native place, Santa Fe, where he had returned just a few days back after residing several years in Woodland Park. In this regard, Butch said, “He hadn’t even finished unpacking.

Memorial card of Butch Crouch
Butch Crouch was a Mexican singer who passed away at the age of 72. (Source: Steve Terrellmusic.com)

Well, it must have become challenging for his family and admirers to process the grief that was caused by Butch’s sudden demise. However, they organized an event on November 13, 2011, at El Farol to celebrate his life about a month after his demise.

Listen to Butch Crouch’s songs here:

Butch Crouch devoted his life to folk music yet remained averse to the spotlight

Santa Fe community recognized Butch Crouch as a talented musician. But he always remained a mystery to the outside world as Crouch was never enthusiastic about gathering the spotlight around him.

Starting as a local artist, Butch devoted his whole life to music, first in his native town Santa Fe and then in Colorado.

He sang several songs in his music career, but until 2007, he didn’t find it necessary to record those songs to leave his legacy behind.

Regarding the matter, the Mexican musician Alan Cuff once wrote in his blog, “A man of many talents, he’s also an accomplished songwriter who, after a lifetime spent entertaining live audiences, has finally put some of his own songs on a CD which is planned for release this Spring (2007).

Butch Crouch smiling covering his half part of face with his hand
Butch Crouch was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist from Santa Fe. (Source: Steve Terrellmusic.com)

In the blog, Alan also mentioned that it’s been several years since he has last seen the musician Butch, which which shows that Butch always stays out of the limelight. However, he actively worked in the music world as a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and musician.

During his stay at Woodland Park, Butch served the position of president of the Mountain Acoustic Music Association (MAMA) for several years. As a president, he assists many acoustic musicians to shine amongst the audiences, organizing and hosting open stages for them to perform.

Well, Butch indeed remained private all his life, but his contribution to music never went in vain. Numerous other musicians appreciated his devotion. In this regard, musician Alan once said, “Butch Crouch was much more than a singer of folksongs.” 

Additional Information

  • Media reports Butch Crouch had his upbringing in Louisiana, Texas, and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • His daughter was Courtney Sanders, an Arlington resident.
  • Butch Crouch was a grandfather of two granddaughters at the time of his death.
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