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Musician Benny Blanco got a QR code Tattoo on his face to promote ‘Bad Decision’

Benny Blanco's QR code tattoo which he got to promote his song Bad Decision has already been removed.

Born Benjamin Joseph Levin, the American musician Benny Blanco has always had a vibrant personality. He often posts pictures of him doing crazy stuff on his Instagram page.

On August 6, 2022, he did some crazy things with his face by tattooing the QR code on the left side of his cheek and shared it on his Instagram with a lengthy caption.

He wrote, “Yesterday, I put out a new song… got a dog… tattooed the QR code to “bad decisions” on my face…met some of the ARMY on top of a mountain and then ate raising canes… but let rewind a little…”

In the post, Blanco reflected on his old days and shared his experience collaborating with music legends like Snoop Dogg and the popular boy band BTS.

Further, the pop genre artist showed his appreciation towards his audiences for their love & support, writing, “I just want to thank u guys for making my 6-year-old selfs dreams come true… I dont know how I can ever repay u… im actually tearing up writing this… love you.”

Though the post conveys his emotions from his successful musical journey, it is the first time he mentions getting a tattoo to promote his song Bad Decision, for which he collaborated with Snoop Dogg and BTS. Well then, is it his first tattoo, or are there others?

Key Takeaways

  • In August 2022, the American musician Benny Blanco got the tattoo for the first time to promote his song Bad Decision.
  • He got the QR code tattoo, and according to him, if somebody takes his picture, they will eventually stream his song.
  • He has already removed the tattoo from his face.

Listen to Benny Blanco’s song here:

While going to get a QR code tattoo, Benny Blanco said, “I’ve never even gotten a tattoo before”

On August 15, 2022, music executive Benny Blanco posted a short reel on his Instagram showing how he got the tattoo. It displays the caption that said, “I’ve come up with some craziest ways to promote my song.”

In the caption, he expressed his nervousness and said that the tattoo was his first: “I’m so nervous…this is so stupid. I’ve never gotten a tattoo before.”

He initially thought getting a tattoo could be the most painful thing, but he experienced the opposite, yet found the process intense.

Lastly, Benny Blanco said he won after the tattoo artist completed making a tattoo on his face. He said, “Now anyone who takes pictures of me will stream my song…so I win.”

As of now, the QR code tattoo has been Benny Blanco’s first and last tattoo. It seems he isn’t that interested in getting a tattoo like other Hollywood artists.


What is Benny Blanco famous for?

Benny Blanco is famous for writing and producing chart-topping songs like Diamonds and Die Young. Plus, he has lately been in the limelight dating the world-famous singer and actress Selene Gomez.

What is Benny Blanco’s net worth?

Benny Blanco’s estimated net worth is $50 million in 2024.

Is Benny Blanco his real name?

No. Benny Blanco’s real name is Benjamin Joseph Levin.

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