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What to know about Kaibrienne Richins’ parents, Justin Jewell and DK Richins?

Kaibrienne Richins says her parents influenced and instilled passion for rock music in her.

The American Idol sensation Kaibrienne Richins says her parents got her into rock songs, “My mom and dad always recommended those kinds (rock) of songs.”

And thanks to her grasp of rock music style, she has now charmed her way to the top 10 of the singing competition.

Seeing Kaibrienne succeed in the show, her father, Justin, says, “I’m not missing any performances. I’ll sell my house if I have to,” to attend and cheer for her.

Meanwhile, the 20-year-old singer says she finds comfort whenever she sees her parents and family cheering in the crowd.

Here is the list of tracks from the artist Kaibrienne Richins that you might like to hear!

People confuse Kouri Richins, Utah mom accused of homicide, as Kaibrienne Richins’ parents!

If you have searched online for information about Kaibrienne’s mother, the search result shows Kouri Richins. However, it is not true, although the singer has not revealed who her biological mother is.

As per the official reports, Kouri Richins was convicted of the homicide of her husband, Eric Richins.

Perhaps because they had the same last name, ‘Richins,’ and were from Utah, people thought Kouri was Kaibrienne’s mother.

Nevertheless, rock singer Kaibrienne Richins’ parents are Justin Jewell Richins and her stepmother, DK Richins.

Her father, Justin Jewell, is a founder of MX Hunting Company and The R & K Hunting Company.

As per the YouTube channel, he went through the divorce with his first wife, aka Kaibrienne’s mother, in 2018 and 2019.

But on February 15, 2022, he married DK Richins. Now, the Richins family has seven children, including a newborn baby boy.

He makes YouTube videos with his daughters, and the channel has over 275k subscribers. Thanks to those carpool activities, her father, Justin, helped Kaibrienne overcome her anxiety.

Her father, during the American Idol audition, revealed, “She can be going from ‘this is the best thing in the world’ to turning her head towards you and saying she wants to die.” He told Kaibrienne that she had difficulties embracing herself.

Kaibrienne also told the judges that she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. She added, “that’s super painful, and when it flares up, it’s just crazy mood swings.”

After charming her golden ticket from the judges, Kaibrienne says, “They all believe in me in a way that I’ve never believed in myself.”

Additional Information

  • Kaibrienne Richins hails from a small town, Henefer, in Utah, with a population of merely over 900 people.
  • Kaibrienne, aka KB, hasn’t gotten cut from American Idol. Instead, she has been giving top-notch performances after performances, making it to the top 10.
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